Having Fun with Trade Show Booth Design and Custom Exhibits in Las Vegas

Want to Have Fun creating a Trade Show Booth design or Custom Exhibit in Las Vegas?

"10 x 20 linear custom exhibit truss system includes shelves"

Look like a major Corporate brand with this fully functional 10 x 20 custom exhibit truss system

Did you know the average Corporate trade show booth budget for 2012 is in the high six figures?

How would you like to save money on a custom trade show exhibit booth design?

This is where the fun begins. First, it is fun saving money. Exhibit truss systems like these range from 5k to 45k tops.

Imagine sitting behind your desk and doodling out a trade show booth design.

Then it comes to you like a bolt of lighting to a pitching wedge on the 18th green during a thunder storm.

You just came up with the perfect custom exhibit booth layout design that is functional and inviting.

"Creative exhibit design"

This exhibit booth design towers above the exhibtor show floor

But as the rain pours down and the thunder echos overhead you begin to look for cover. Thinking ” where can I get this done”?

How do I finish, hit the green, make the putt and get to the club house before my trade show budget gets zapped by another powerful jolt?

Are you starting to see how this can be fun

You need a caddy, so to speak. A custom exhibit booth builder in Las Vegas to help you get you to safety fast.

A custom exhibit booth design or an in-stock trade show booth truss system kit provider who will be your hole in one.

How do you have Fun with a Truss System show Booth Design?

"Show booth truss system set up"

Notice how the junction box is used to add a curved truss section with ease

The fun begins by looking for a caddy. You need a hole in one.

An expert who knows the conditions, the terrain …  A trade show booth expert and experienced truss system show booth company.

Someone who can provide you with an existing online catalog of pre-designed trade show booth truss system kits.

A trade show display company that can build your approach to the club house (the show venue) without another jolt

You will probably be looking for a company that can provide a trade show exhibit truss system that:

"Trade show truss caring case"

Keep it simple, keep it organized with a bigprintinglasvegas exhibit truss system today

  • Is close to the booth design you are looking for
  • Is a custom exhibit that fits your space
  • Saves you a lot of money in comparison to other truss systems
  • Is easy to set up and dismantle
  • Comes in hard shell carrying cases
  • Saves you freight and shipping
  • Can be a stand alone Island booth
  • Is lightweight
  • Provides the image of being a major brand

You take notice, when you locate your caddy, that your truss system booth design can be made to order or can come in the form of a kit.

Your are now having fun, joking with your caddy.  You are protected from the down pour by a giant umbrella he or she pulls from their raincoat.

You begin to see you can have a booth design that fits within your exhibit floor space. A truss system that looks attractive and inviting.

A system that has all the other golfers (exhibitors) gasping as you chipped in for an eagle while they ran for cover.

You won. You found the perfect caddy, as your score reflects, as the show begins in the club house.

"lighweight exhibit truss systems straight sections"

Lightweight truss sections are easy to handle

You begin to realize your about to have even more fun as you sit in the club house tallying the score card.

Your trade show booth truss system cost a fraction of the price you may have been use to be paying. Low score wins!

So where do you find the perfect caddy willing to face the down pour of a deadline and lighting on 18th green in Las Vegas?

One company known to stand beside the pro’s as they finish another round of events is Big Printing Solutions, Inc of Southern Nevada.

A mere 5 iron away (10 minutes) from every major event center, trade show venue and exhibit hall in Las Vegas.

Bigprintinglasvegas.com proximity to the 18th green, after a long Big Bertha drive, is positioned to get you up and down fast when your trade show event is being held in Las Vegas.

Now that you most likely found your caddy and are having fun, you could be asking your self “why does a custom exhibit truss system make sense?”

Why Custom Exhibit Truss Systems make sense.

Custom exhibit truss systems make sense because they are versatile, lightweight, easy to set up and cost effective.

Most trade show exhibitors (those with a plus 8 handicap) choose a standard truss system kit from the online exhibitor catalog.

"Fabric Graphics Verses Rollable PVC Attach Easy Along Trade Show Truss System"

Choose between easy to attach dye sub fabric or rollable PVC for your truss panel graphics

Then they choose custom exhibit truss system options like:

  • Fabric dye sublimation Velcro panels
  • PVC magnet attached printed panels
  • Truss system adjustable counter tops
  • Custom exhibit LCD monitor mounts
  • Exhibit truss attachable shelving
  • Add on truss towers
  • Attached literature racks
  • LED verses halogen accent lighting
  • Custom printed trade show carpet graphics
  • Over head curved truss canopy’s

Thus, exhibit truss systems show booths make even more sense now because they are predesigned and ready to go.

All you do is choose a typical add on like counters, racks, shelves and lights.

After that you simply provide your trade show graphics using exhibit booth design templates.

A typical truss system can be ready to go in 7 working days or less, but it’s always advisable to plan in advance, especially if you are looking for a custom booth design or a larger island 20 x 20 exhibit display.

The best way to proceed is to ask your caddy.

Want to build your own Custom Exhibits using Truss systems?

"Trade show booth orbital truss system set up Las Vegas facility"

Big Printing Solutions sets up your custom exhibit booth at the Las Vegas facility prior to delivery, shipping or pick-up

Let’s go back to where started. Remember you were doodling?

You have an ideal trade show display booth idea in mind, but you do not know where to start?

You located a caddy and the custom exhibit booth company to help you drive your design into reality but you are not so set on using  pre-designed orbital truss system.

So what can you do?

You can start by making use custom exhibit booth truss sections like:

  • 24″ straight truss section
  • 36″ straight truss piece
  • 46″ truss lengths
  • 45 degree truss bend sections
  • 90 degree truss pieces
  • 6 way junction box
  • Truss connectors for maximum length and size
  • Add on shelves, counters and lighting

Then begin to imagine what you can create using these lightweight truss section pieces?

These truss booth design pieces begin to come together to create almost any size or shape imaginable to fit within the trade show exhibit floor space.

"20 x 20 show booth truss system design"

Notice how this island booth design captures attention in all directions

If you want help turning your doodled exhibit booth diagram into a fully functional show booth then you have options.

One option is to contact www.bigprintinglasvegas.com at (702) 900-2334 today and forward the custom trade show booth design.

By utilizing cost effective truss system sections, truss system connectors, curves and junction boxes you can bring your idea to life.

Another option is to ask for a complete custom exhibit booth design, however with custom booth designs the figures begin to reach a six figure quadruple bogie range. Depending on the overall theme, scope, style and design.

With the right caddy you can keep your cost down, enjoy a few mulligans and get a favorable drop. Some custom exhibit booths can still be produced for under 50k.

A typical truss system can run anywhere from 5k-45k on the very high end.

"Overhead Truss Canopy Custom Exhibit"

This overhead canopy truss system is sure to set you apart from pac

Before we head into the club house to tally the score, it is important to note:

BigPrintingLasVegas.com (a Big Printing Solutions, Inc company) is located in Las Vegas, Nevada. This allows you to fly in for a quick meeting and see your booth come to life before the show.

You can walk in, view your trade show booth, make final adjustments and avoid the high cost of freight if you are shipping cross country or around the world.

Most importantly, you can go enjoy a few rounds of golf at local Las Vegas golf course and be rest assured there will be no down pours, lighting strikes or thunderstorms. You get to enjoy the 360 days of sunshine and even more fun our town has to offer while your caddy has your back.

"truss system adjustable counter"

Imagine adding adjustable counters, LCD mounts or shelves to your custom exhibit trade show booth, all sizes, styles and colors available

And when your show or event is complete, bigprintinglasvegas.com can:

  • Store your exhibit booth in Las Vegas
  • Reprint change out fabric or PVC panels for your next round of events
  • Deliver and pick-up at Las Vegas trade show venues
  • Make changes for next years show
  • Break down the truss system and convert a 20 x 20 into a 10 x 10

You could say, we are having fun with trade show booth design and custom exhibits in Las Vegas.

Curious? Want to know the cost or price of a exhibit truss system? or if your looking to have fun building your next Trade Show Booth and Custom Exhibits in Las Vegas then give Big Printing Solutions, Inc a call today at (702) 900-2334.

Browse the online truss system catalog right here.

If you know of a great trade show display builder or caddy in your part of the world or country then we want to hear from you.

Please give us a like or post a comment. Tell everyone about the hole in one you scored today.








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