What to Look For Before You Buy Banner Stands Online

Do you know what to look for before you buy banner stands online?

After all, pull up banners and pop up displays are a very affordable way to:

"banner stand being setup"

Typical retractable banner stand being set up in under 1 minute

  • Advertise specials
  • Promote a product
  • List your services
  • Present information

Banner stands are a great marketing tool for:

  • Local Events
  • Your place of business
  • Trade Show Displays
  • Corporate meetings
  • Casino Resort promotions
  • Craft Show Display
  • Exhibitors

But what good will a banner stand be if it does not properly present your image, brand and message correctly?

How can this be? Are not all banner stands are identical? Hardly.

Before listing what you should look for when buying banner stands online and offering a online banner stand providerat the end of this article,  the single most important thing to consider is your banner stands must look professional.

By professional, the pull up banner should be wrinkle free ( on all insert print options ), printed in high detail and appear just as professional as you or your organization.

So what do you look for?

Here is a list of banner stand items you want to consider before you buy and why.

Item 1:

When shopping for an online banner stand consider the base or stand hardware first.

If the stand comes with a life time warranty then you know your headed in the right direction, however some cheaper versions come with a 90 day warranty and some do not have a warranty at all.

"banner stand base"

Sleek looking banner stand with a wide support base cost a little more but adds to your presentation

Therefore it is recommended you check the warranty or ask about it. If you plan on traveling from exhibit to exhibit or from event to event with the same portable banner stand then you want a life time warranty.

This way you know the inner workings of the locking and rolling mechanism are sound and will not jam up on you, catch or even cut into or tear your printed inserted.

It’s OK to go with a cheaper 90 day pop up stand warranty or risk a ‘none at all’ warranty if your just going to utilize the display banner for a 1 time event.

All said, other telling factor of quality is to look at the banner holder base, more expensive stands will not have those slide out feet on the base unless your retractable stand is a jumbo 42″ to 59″width then feet will help support the super large size banner stand.

Item 2:

This is a simple item to look for. Most pull up banner stands come finished with a fixed attached insert print.

"Tension Being Added To Banner Stand Image"

Simple set up for a typical tension fabric banner stand

This means, you can not replace the image print ( you can always try ). A fixed print means you can not change out the image of the roll up banner.

Thus, when your shopping for an online banner stand and you want to be able to change out the printed inserts find a banner holder that allows for interchangeable cartridges.

It’s OK, your price will increase a little bit but you will only be required to order additional printed banner stand inserts and not pay for another support base.

Now you can have 3 or 4 different inserts that pop in and pop out depending on what your going to promote. This leads us back to item 1. Get the lifetime warranty banner stand if your going to choose this type of interchangeable display stand.

Item 3:

Pop up stand insert options.

Most importantly, make sure your banner stand comes with a standard curl free vinyl print insert. Some pop up banners are printed on cheap scrim vinyl. This vinyl will curl!  This will effect the presentation. It will look cheap because it is cheap.

"Quick Wall Made Up Of Banner Stands"

Place banner stands side by side and create a cost effect quick wall display

Always look for retractable displays that come with the standard curl free printed insert vinyl. Then see if other printed insert options are available.

Options like dye sublimation fabric banner inserts or rigid melinex film.  Sure the fabric banner insert will cost a little more but your ‘presentation look’ will be a WOW! in the eyes of your audience.

Fabric dye sub just looks better at the same time makes you look better for whatever your displaying.

Another pull up banner insert option available is a rigid film. Does it get much better?

Imagine the ultra sleek look rigid film provides. Recommend this look for banner stands that will be in one place for a longer period of time like inside your place of business or for in-store pop displays, casino resort on going promotion, time share lobby, outdoor events and when traveling from City to City promoting an exhibit.  Rigid film provides a clean fresh look.

Remember, these different options will effect the cost you pay for your banner stands.

Item 4:

Banner stand price.

The main thing you want to look for when considering the pricing of banner stands is what was covered in the items above.

"Back View X Banner Stand"

This low cost X Banner Stand is great for simple promotions

You will find pricing for portable, adjustable, telescopic, spring back and X stand pull up banners will generally be rather competitive.

Most banner stands range within $40-$60 as you will find, however, the old cliche’ holds true here. You get what you pay for.

A typical low priced X stand or spring back can run as low as $98 plus shipping. These are the simplest and cheapest types of stands.

A decent professional banner stand can cost anywhere from $193-$495 and up depending on the width, style and design.

All said, use common sense when comparing pull up, retractable, telescopic and other types of display banners being offered online.

If it’s really low priced then common sense dictates it will look cheap and potentially hurt your image when displayed.

A key point here is there are over 1500 banner frame makers all over the globe. Good roll up banner manufacturers provide warranties and banner base options like aluminum, colored end sides, long base support areas and stable components.

Recommend, it’s better to pay a little more because the added price will ensure your insert prints are run on high end printers that produce stunning image quality verses cheap printers that will provide a dull, banding line and yes blurred image.

Also, be wary of really low prices because a lot of times they then try to charge you for art load uploads, proofs, handling fees and just about after thing else by the time your ready to pay for your banner stand or check out online.

Item 5:

Make sure your pop up banner you choose provides banner stand templates. If they do not your going to paying a lot more for your banner insert designs.

Most advertising agencies, larger companies and even small businesses have the ability to utilize banner templates to their advantage or they know someone who is able to help with the designs.

Using banner templates for pull up and adjustable telescopic stands will save you a lot of money when ordering banner stands online.

Check for templates.

Item 6:

If your like most people or banner stand buyers you probably decide these pull up banners will come in handy for your event, business or special promotion.

"Environmental Green Banner Stand"

Environmental green banner stands are a great option as a way to conserve natural resources

A lot of times, people who order banner stands online need them right away.

Therefore, make sure you locate a provider who can produce the exact stands your looking for right away.

Typically a 4-5 day turn around is normal for pull up banner providers who are well organized. If your finding most take 10-14 days or more then either they are really busy or something is amiss.

Most providers will answer the phone and help you meet almost any deadline even if its same day or next day but expect your cost to double for any rush orders.

Always remember to plan in advance before you order your online banner stand.

Other banner stand options can include:

It’s always a good idea to check out other banner stand options that can be included.

Some may include:

"Jumbo Extra Large Banner Stand"

How wide do you want to go? This jumbo extra wide banner stand is almost 5' wide

  • Adjustable banner stands
  • Telescopic where you set the height
  • Extra tall banner stands
  • Tension fabric for maximum look and appeal
  • Add on like a brochure racks
  • Padded carrying case
  • LED lighting
  • Extra thin styles
  • Quantity discounts

If you have read this far then you will have a much better idea of what to look for before you buy banner stands online.

Big Printing Solutions of Las Vegas carry’s all sizes of banner stands from thin 23.5″ wide up to 59″ and everything in between.

From extra tall to adjustable including the options listed above. From curl free vinyl and oxford dye sub inserts to rigid melinex film.

Bigprintinglasvegas.com will answer your call, provide you with the right size and style your looking for.

Consider buying your next round of banner stands from bigprintinglasvegas.com.

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Now you know what to look for before you buy banner stands online.






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