Believing You Save Money on Inline 10×10 Booth Rentals is Like Having a Mythical Creature Lurking Under Your Bed

Considering a show booth display rental for your smaller inline 10×10 show booth? Wondering if it’s a good idea? Is it wiser to buy versus rent? Want to know the myth lurking behind rentals versus the benefits of just purchasing a 10×10 inline show booth? How one simply can not make a modern day tension fabric backdrop stretch properly on a rental system like a pipe and drape for inline 10×10 show booths. Do you see how it will appear droopy, kinky and unprofessional? Yuk we say.

Noting the ideal option when looking for a 10×10 show booth display is to consider the benefits of purchase versus renting.

Here are some of the benefits of purchasing a 10×10 inline show booth:

  • Actually cost less than renting.
  • A positive first impression matters.
  • Airline travel-friendly as excess baggage.
  • Wheel in molded display case maybe turned into a booth counter.
  • It’s there when you want it there anywhere USA.

It’s sort ah like you still show up like you normally would when exhibiting. Except you saved cost and got many a benefit by purchasing your own 10×10 display. It’s delivered on time to where you are. You just say the magic words. Here, then, now. Whether it’s handed off outside your venue or to your hotel room when you check in. It’s that simple. You say, thanks and wheel the case right in, pop it up or snap spigot your frame system together in under 15 minutes flat. Wallah, it’s show time. Right?

Except now what? What are you going to do with your 15 minutes of huge cost saving time? Will you treat everyone to breakfast with the money you just pocketed? When your events over, you simply wheel it out, toss it in the back of a cab or take it back to your room. You fly it out or drive it back home. You now have a lush-ish brand new modern inline show booth display (yea). Wasn’t that easy? At the next scheduled event or trade show you simply order new graphics. You get the fresh look. Then repeat.

Check as excess baggage or drive to the venue. Wheel it onto the show floor show and set it up once again. It’s so funny how the cost of dye sublimation printing has come down over the years due to the technological advances in printing systems, finishing, and production. Just like the first mobile phones.  Remember those? Those use to cost and arm and a leg.  Heck, now some providers give them away for free for using their service. It’s the same with trade show displays. Cost have come down in a similar fashion. Which is good for you (another yea). One last point Mark makes is you can not count on an accurate cost of renting a show booth. One simple will you please move it to the right side of the booth or over there and whammo, your cost just skyrocketed into the stratosphere. Show labor baby, show labor.

Finally, visuals from show booth 10×10 rentals will not be as appealing as the booth next door with that nice fresh modern look. Until next Month, may the show go on without a droopy kink. PS Think about why you are exhibiting in the first place. You are surrounded by hungry prospective buyers ready to throw down if you got the goods, so to speak. Keep that in mind.