Big Printing Las Vegas adds two of the industry’s finest machines to our arsenal!

Big Printing Las Vegas adds two of the industry’s finest machines to our arsenal!

There is something about a great machine—the buzz and whirl of parts and motors. It’s even better when technology helps us produce the highest quality graphics much quicker than the other guy. We’ve added two brand spanking new printers this year, allowing us to deliver great design and messaging in the sharpest, brightest and boldest colors.

Big Printing Las Vegas always brings customers creative printing solutions by using some of the most industrious and advanced technology on the market. We’ve kept our shop modern from day one by beta testing and purchasing some of the newest and most advanced equipment out there. We’re proud of the work they do so we’re highlighting what makes them so special.

EFI Vutek 5r

Let’s start with the workhorse of the group–the EFI Vutek 5r. At max speeds, it prints 4,896 square-feet per hour and at true Grand Format 16ft wide, it can handle even the largest graphics with less turnaround. This is where versatility meets quality. Big Printing Las Vegas can print just about anything using this printer: building wraps, billboards, backlits, floor graphics, indoor banners and murals, tradeshow graphics, back walls and window clings.

EFI Vutek 5r 16ft roll to roll

Don’t be fooled. It’s fast, but you won’t lose any quality. The EFI Vutek 5r is so precise that it can generate fine art quality prints. The high image quality comes courtesy of the UltraDrop™ Technology which does an exceptional job with transitions, vignettes, skin tones and shadows.

If that wasn’t enough, a new camera-based system allows us to print 2-sided with complete accuracy. This means Big Printing Las Vegas can complete projects faster and completely error-free. It’s like having our best guy on the job every day, twenty-four hours a day.

The devil can be in the details but with this printer, the final steps of your project are optimized for completion. The EFI Vutek 5r allows us to trim to bleeds or final dimensions, right on the printer! From there it goes for sewing or welding with no additional steps in between. This allows us massive time savings and quicker turnarounds.

Finally, the EFI Vutek 5r is more environmentally friendly than others on the market. It reduces the waste on each roll so much, it allows for an up to 300% increase in media utilization. This baby also requires less energy consumption and is designed for simple, error-free operation.

A busy production floor and tight timelines are no match for a printer that works as hard as we do!

EFI Vutek Fabrivu

We know Italy for high-end espresso makers and expensive loafers but this printer is a testament to Italian innovation. The EFI Vutek Fabrivu is a dye sublimation digital fabric printer which hails from Bergamo. It’s the industry’s absolute best dye sublimation machine on the market. The Fabrivu can handle everything from: fabric banners, pop up displays, step-and-repeats, soft signage, and flags.

We love that this printer won’t leave the fabric stiff and it helps to maintain the natural drape and feel of fabric. That’s the benefit of true dye sublimation printing, exceptional quality fabrics and expert finishing. You’ll love that products printed with the EFI Vutek Fabrivu can be washed, steamed, folded and reused. That’s only one reason it’s our top choice for your tradeshow display graphics.

The EFI Vutek Fabrivu generates the brightest and most-saturated colors leaving stunning vibrancy and exceptional precision. It works by commanding 200 million tiny drops of water-based ink every second. The EFI Vutek Fabrivu controls drop placement using magnets, resulting in perfect alignment and sharp, clean borders and colors. It even has a wrinkle detect system which helps us ensure every product comes out perfect.

Another important piece of equipment is the Monti Antonio!  The Monti Antonio is the heat transfer unit that we put the transfer paper and fabric in to sublimate the image onto the fabric after it comes out of the Fabrivu.

Monti Antonio Dye Sublimation Heat Transfer Unit

Big Printing Las Vegas provides our customers with premium printed fabric products, and the EFI Vutek Fabrivu helps us exceed your expectations. You’ll admire and enjoy its work for years to come because the colors won’t fade and your message will always stand out.

At Big Printing Las Vegas…..we print big! Let us show you everything these printers can create, request a quote today!