How to Set Up a Trade Show Booth to Impress

A great booth starts with a great design

Do you have a vision in mind? Have you been dreaming of trade show booth displays? (We do!) Are you looking for a way to execute those dream? Or, maybe you are new to tradeshow booths and don’t know where to start.

Either way, Big Printing Las Vegas will show you what’s possible. We offer dozens of trade show booth products and custom solutions. Let us help create a first impression that converts to effective leads.
We create backdrops, fabric light boxes, step-and-repeats, and 2D stretch fabric displays. Many of the options we offer are easy to set up, lightweight and don’t require tons of extra tools. Pop-up displays can have options that include Velcro fabric of SEG seamless fabric.

Pop-Up Booth Displays From Big Printing Las Vegas

Looking for an easy, fuss-free approach? We recommend one of our trade show booth kits. Kits include tension fabric booths, modular sets, custom exhibit truss systems and island tradeshow kits. Finally, close the deal with counters, podiums, hanging signs, tablecloths and throws and feather flags.

Tension Fabric Kit

Do you have a big dream you’re dying to bring to life? Big Printing Las Vegas loves to create custom items that will set you apart from the crowd. We also offer easy online trade show display templates and design tools.

Get a jump start

While many of our tradeshow booth products can be produced in a rush the best results come from careful planning. The time needed to bring your vision to life depending on your specific needs. Custom products or special structural projects require more time than kits or pop-up displays. However, if you are on a deadline, don’t despair. Call us and we will create a trade show booth display that rivals even the most prepared exhibitors.

Big Printing Las Vegas is just minutes from convention centers on the Las Vegas Strip. We also offer local delivery, pickup, and shipping options.

Don’t forget the details

The devil is in the details. Exceptional trade show displays take those details into consideration. The extra time and energy you spend will help distinguish your brand.

Big Printing Las Vegas is meticulous about the products we create. We have rigorous quality control measures to ensure every item is perfect. Creating an impressive tradeshow booth requires partners that you can trust. Accidents happen! If you experience one of those accidents, make Big Printing Las Vegas your first call.

Be prepared

Start with a checklist to ensure you don’t forget any of the essential parts or products. Are you working with a pop-up display or trade show booth kit? Take the time to practice assembling and breaking down the products. It will be helpful to know how long it takes to set up and you will feel more confident knowing you can get the job done.

How about an emergency kit? It’s unlikely that you will need it but it will be invaluable if you do. We recommend putting together a toolbox with some the following items.

  • A few different types of tape
  • Scissors, a pocket knife or box cutters
  • safety pins
  • batteries
  • extra phone charger
  • outlet splitter or small extension cord
  • permanent markers and pens
  • measuring tape
  • adhesive hooks, Velcro, twist ties and fishing line
  • Windex and paper towels

If you’re prone to tumbles or spills, you might throw in a band-aid or two! Don’t forget to make a copy of all your important documentation and contact information. Finally, we know that technology can be fickle so having a plan B in place is critical. Hopefully, it won’t be necessary but you might end up saving the day!

Get there early!

Give yourself more time than you think you need. Nothing is worse than running out of time or encountering issues with only minutes to spare. Arriving early will allow you time to make sure everything is right. Plus, if you have extra time, you can use it to connect with other exhibitors or grab a cup of coffee!

What are you waiting for? We know you’ve got great ideas so get started by Requesting a Quote today! You can also give us a call at (702) 823-5004. Our experts are standing by and excited to help create a standout trade show booth!