Easy, Elegant and Well-Designed: Pop Up Displays and How They Can Help You

The world of tradeshows and conferences are full of pop up displays with companies trying to attract attendees. A great pop up display can yield huge results for a company and can make an event a success. Providers of these pop up displays vary in quality much like any other business. The best companies offer a combination of affordability, durability, and quality displays. We can almost hear you thinking “How can this impact me and my business?” We will explore the vast number of benefits that you and your organization can reap from these displays below!

Ease of Setup

Sales, meetings, business relationship maintenance, and client leads are plenty to worry about without having to worry about display setup. Many deals have been closed over a drink but not many over a display setup so this should be as efficient as possible. Unlike at other company events, the staff is usually limited at a tradeshow or conference due to the costs associated with travel. Don’t sacrifice that incredible room upgrade by bringing staff simply to help with setting up the display! Companies that offer an intuitive setup while maintaining quality are ones that you want creating a display for your company.

A setup where one person can handle getting the display ready allows other staff to prepare in other ways whether it is a pitch or product demonstration setup. Nailing an important pitch is much easier if you are not constantly worrying if the display at a booth will be set up in the correct manner. If the setup of a pop up display takes more than a minute or two, look for another vendor as ease of setup should be an important quality to look for in these displays. Sweating to when the conference doors are open is not something that you want especially if trying to close major sales on the event floor. Whether it is a career fair event, conference, or award show time is better spent doing other things than spending more than a few minutes on setup for the display.

Creates An Atmosphere For Each Both of a Company or Organization

Every brand has a tone whether that is casual or a little more professional. Creating an atmosphere of comfort and professionalism can attract quite a few more booth visitors than a company that relies on loud music, a lights show, or beer pong to attract visitors. While those tactics do attract a certain demographic these visitors are not as likely to purchase anything or sign up for a service. One positive note about being next to a booth like this is getting foot traffic to your booth!

People looking to spend money or find other vendors for a service/product want professional looking staff in a professional looking setting. This does not mean that a display cannot create an environment where your company is liked by others at an event. One great way to drum up leads is by talking to others at an event, with a cool display that can ignite conversation very naturally. For example, a pop up display with tourist attractions for a travel agency will attract more visitors even with high prices than the travel agency that simply brought a few small brochures. Stand out but do it for the right reasons instead of the company acting more like an event prop than an actual business.

How Fast Do You Need The Display?

The unfortunate truth about some pop up display vendors is that projects get delayed. Being delayed even a few days can leave a company scrambling for another vendor to help them. Big Printing Las Vegas is here to help as the turn-around time for a high-quality display is only around 2 days. The most important thing to stress is not to sacrifice quality for time turned around. A vendor promising a 12-hour turn around not only can let a customer down by taking longer, the quality can reflect this short time it took to complete. The worst possible situation will be getting a call as you are boarding your flight to Vegas only to find out that the local vendor being used will not be able to ship on time (on a flight with no Wi-Fi).

HPS Pop Up Display

To Ship or Not To Ship

A large portion of tradeshows are hosted in the great city of Las Vegas but very few attendees are local. Shipping a pop up display is not only expensive it could lead to the display being damaged in transit. We have all had that Amazon package delayed so we know shipping can be delayed for some unforeseen reason leading a company to lack a display to catch the eyes of attendees who could convert into customers. Finding a reliable local pop up display vendor guarantees that the display will be at the event as well as the ability to make changes to the display if need be. The process of getting the display back to the company’s location is not difficult if choosing a wheeled hard case option. This will help the display avoid damage as well as being able to be taken on a plane for a fraction of the cost that it would take to ship it. We all want to have a great ROI on investments in our businesses, a great pop up display can be used countless times to convert prospects into clients at different events.

What Else Can They Be Used For?

  • Convention displays in various niches need to attract attendees in order to convert on a multitude of things. This can include closing sales, increasing software registrations, increasing brand recognition, and simply interacting with those in the industry. For small to large companies, the display could be the first impression of the brand so make that a great one! As we know there is only one chance to make an impression professionally and personally with clients.
  • Job fairs and corporate events need pop up displays as lack of flair can show lack of care. Do not stand out for the wrong reasons for having too little when it comes to these types of events. A well thought out pop up display can allow a company to make employees want to work there and clients want to work with them!
  • Award shows need a good pop up display to make them have more of a large award show feel. These displays can line the red carpet for the event while pictures are being taken. A company award show can make employees feel valued while also recognizing top performers.
  • Press conferences reap the benefits of a pop up display by providing a great backdrop. Not only this but an event that is holding the press conferences can easily put sponsors of the events on this. Depending on the event this could end up paying for the display itself through sponsorship opportunities. You always want to build new corporate relationships so offering a free sponsor spot can do just that!
  • Affordable advertising is possible with a pop up display as a few displays throughout a charity golf tournament, for example, can thank sponsors or advertise further events the charity is holding. Sponsors really help with these types of events, you can keep them coming back by showing this type of appreciation.

What To Look For In Company That Offers These Displays?

Clear and Concise Communication: A great line of communication both via email and phone could not be more important when looking for a vendor for a pop up display. A lack of communication can lead to a project not being completed as desired as well as delays in the project as a whole. You do not want to call to make a last minute change only to find out your account manager does not work weekends….or Fridays…and maybe Tuesdays.

Affordability: People often correlate affordable as cheaply made but this could not be further from the truth. Big Printing Las Vegas builds great relationships from those they purchase materials from in order to deliver the highest quality display as a price that doesn’t kill the budget. Work with a team dedicated to forming great relationships as a part of their core values.

Durability: A durable display can be used for years to come especially it has appropriate transporting equipment. Not all companies offer a lifetime frame warranty so looking for one that does can be difficult. When looking for durable displays that also come with a frame warranty look no further than Big Printing Las Vegas. When paying for a quality sign you want it to last to continue using it in the future.

Constant Availability: Being able to modify a project for various reasons can be quite frustrating with a display vendor that works 5 days a week. Rushed projects need to be ordered immediately to be fulfilled. 7 days a week is great but doing this all year is the type of vendor with the dedication to serve a company looking to make a splash with the display. Look for a company saying “Call us anytime” that actually mean it as not many do.

Make the next tradeshow or event that your organization attends a success with a little help from a pop up display. Contact Big Printing Las Vegas as they are available at 365 days a year within minutes of the strip. Do not take risk shipping displays to Las Vegas due to costs and the chance your shipment is delayed. Represent your company with a display you can be proud of and utilize for years to come. Call (702) 823-5004 with any questions about processes or specifications about a project. Fill out the “Request a Quote” form to get a better idea of what it will cost to stand out at your next event!

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