Special Event Graphics and How To Maximize Exposure At Your Next Event

Most professionals have arrived at an event, whether it was a conference or career fair, where they have felt like their signage and special event graphics have been lacking. For both new and old companies this exposure is important for very different reasons. New companies want to announce their launch or establish themselves as a mainstay in an industry. Older companies use these graphics or media walls to attract former, current, and potential clients as a beacon of sorts. The last thing that you want at a conference or even charity event is to be dwarfed due to lack of preparation in the signage department. Signage and other printed materials can help a business gain exposure (which is what we all want) delivering a good return on investment.

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Below are some examples that will help educate and remind you how special event graphics can maximize your exposure at an event and portray your company in a positive light. What Types Of Events And Examples Of How To Use Special Graphics Corporate Events need to be done at the highest quality possible and even bring out the red carpet! Employees and clients are sure to attend so make sure there is directional signage. Unlike employees a valued client could get lost in a venue as they might only recognize their point of contact at the corporation.

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When clients are attending custom printed carpet is necessary as they should remember who is showing them a great time! Trade Shows and conferences are a jungle of pop up displays, hanging signs, and trade show displays. Lack of attention to detail can have your company labeled as one that might not be as detail oriented as others. For this reason finding a great printing company will reflect positively on your company as you came to the trade show to bring a positive presence….and to have some fun! Golf Events are a great place for a company to gain exposure whether it is a professional event or charity golf tournament. Directional signage with your company’s logo and name gives the company a presence. In the case of a charity event a company sponsoring a hole with different types of signage not only can improve exposure but also public image. Photo backdrops for these types of events are also important as a logo on a backdrop catches the eye of everyone watching. Charity events need a photo backdrop as it is a perfect way to advertise the event for the upcoming year. Flyers can also be helpful in advertising the event as many people love to play a round of golf and it gives them an excuse to do so if it is for a charity.

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Holiday Parties at large venues absolutely need directional signage as everyone has been in that wandering stage wondering where they should go. Most of the time without signage you will have to ask someone (gasp) or do what most people do and wait until they see somebody they recognize. Media walls of all that has happened over the course of the year are a great touch especially when inviting valued clients. This can help humanize those that they work with weekly and helps make current employees feel valued. Employee Appreciation Events need to make employees feel valued especially after a tough year.

Custom Printed Carpeting Makes The Entire Room

Custom printed carpet can be that touch that demonstrates to your employees how much you appreciate them. A photo backdrop can be a great way to showcase company culture later on the website thus attracting top talent to apply in the future. Product Launches need to have brochures describing the product and how it is superior to others. With the right graphics, potential customers that are visual learners can understand how the product can help make their lives easier. Point of sale graphics can help catch the eye of the consumer and lead them to investigate. Most of the time with a great product as we all know, we have to catch their eye at the right time and in the right place! Grand Openings are not going to be complete without a large format fabric banner announcing the opening. For local businesses this is the way to attract customers as catching the eye of a local can lead to a trickledown effect of customers checking a business out. Feather flags can do a very good job of attracting attention if the business is located a little off of a main street.

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Flyers should also be a part of every grand opening as they are reasonably priced and with the right design, people will actually read them instead of immediately heading to the trashcan. Shareholder Meetings are going to need directional signage or floor graphics to direct the shareholders. The last thing that any founder of a company needs is a shareholder showing up frustrated as it took them awhile to find the meeting. Brochures as well product highlight graphics packages can help sell the newest direction the company is going in. Brochures also make it possible to revisit an idea after the meeting so these are completely necessary. These are important if pitching a product or service that is to be voted on later as people tend to remember certain details differently than they actually are.

What Happens If I Only Have A Few Days Until My Event? There are going to be signage providers whether they are producing pop up displays or large format fabric banners that simply cannot help with a rush job. Big Printing Las Vegas understands that at times there are time constraints and being conveniently located near the strip makes this perfect for any company attending an event in Las Vegas. There could be a chance that your current provider has gone radio silent a few days before the event. Certain companies tend to do this if they cannot hit a deadline they had previously promised. Again, Big Printing Las Vegas can help as they are available 24 hours a day every day of the week. If you have an event on December 27th, you will hear back from our team on Christmas Eve as all projects are incredibly important to us.

There is quite a big that we here at Big Printing Las Vegas can offer help with:

● Large format graphics
● Fabric banners
● Meterboards
● Pop up displays
● Media walls
● Red carpets
● Floor graphics
● Directional signage
● Photo backdrops
● Dimensional signage
● Flyers
● Brochures
● Custom printed carpet
● Wall murals
● Trade show displays
● Point of sale graphics
● Product highlight graphics package

Regardless of what you need above, we can help deliver at an affordable price in a timely manner! Your next event, regardless of what it is, should be taken seriously when it comes to event graphics. Lack of graphics can leave those attending feeling like it was dull, while poorly designed graphics make your company seem unprofessional (why even have the event in this case). Big Printing Las Vegas is a company that can be relied on and with its location being near the Vegas Strip it is a no brainer. The last thing that you want is a print service that ships their work from across the country only to find it damaged or done poorly. Find that peace of mind knowing that the job is going to be done right, on the first try. This is something not all printing services have perfected, but with years of experience Big Printing Las Vegas is here to help you for years to come.

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