How A Custom Backdrop Can Help Maximize ROI At Trade Shows

Attending tradeshows are staples of certain business’ yearly schedule as big things can happen. This could be meeting the CEO of a company that you have wanted to work with for years or finally getting the brand recognition your company has desired. The concentration of people in a specific industry is never larger than that of a tradeshow. The ROI on the investment of attending the tradeshows needs to be decent as bringing 10 employees only to close zero sales is not what you want…..or anyone wants. Being able to meet with decision makers in one location in your niche will need to incorporate standing out from the competition as well as targeting certain individuals. The following are ways that a custom backdrop from Big Printing Las Vegas can help maximize ROI at a tradeshow or conference.

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First Define The Goals Of Attending The Conference

You are going to have to set goals when attending a conference as this can really impact the type of backdrop you have designed. For a business in its infancy, the goal might be to be noticed or legitimized as a company. Nothing screams “We do low-quality work” like having a custom backdrop that is done sloppily. This could be poor graphics or a less than sleek setup so picking the right printing company is imperative. You do not want the first impression of your company to be negative when you can control the situation. By choosing a great printing company like Big Printing Las Vegas that is experienced in Trade Show Displays you and your company will be putting your best foot forward.

The goal of the backdrop could be to be noticed and pitch those clients later can be made much easier with a custom backdrop. You can mention which graphics were on the backdrop and this might remind a person better than a name or company. Being able to be remembered after a long week at a conference is the goal of every salesperson that is attending.

Big Printing Custom Backdrop used for Trade Shows

Draw The Eyes Out Of An Ocean Of Booths

Standing out from others in a classy way instead of an abrasive “Look at me” booth is important. Acting desperate can lead other attendees to avoid the booth totally nobody wants to be associated with a company acting desperate. The tough part is going to be the creation of the backdrop which is why consulting with an expert could not be more important. Big Printing Las Vegas has been in the business for quite some time and can recommend certain details that will help the company stand out. Other expert tips on backdrops include:

  • The type of material your backdrop is printed on depends on whether it is for indoor or outdoor use. For indoor use, it is necessary to use Fire Rated Material. Outdoor events are going to need reinforced corners as people tend to run into backdrops when foot traffic is high. A weatherproof mesh will also be necessary as you will want to use the backdrop multiple times if possible.
  • Companies often interview those attending the conference for video snippets for social media as well as the company website. Whether this is a press conference or interview you want to use a matte to absorb the camera lighting. These are the small details that can make a press conference look professionally done versus looking like amateur hour.
  • Family photographers can use their backdrop time after time. For this reason, using long lasting custom backdrops can be best and offer a great return on investment. Even those photographers tasked with documenting the conference can benefit from a custom backdrop.
  • Certain days of conferences often times have different themes so changing the backdrop can help a company stay noticed. This will be much like changing scenes in a theatrical performance and will need to use a mobile locking base or hanging system for quick setup.

Getting A Professional To Design The Backdrop On Time

Those that have never designed a backdrop or do not have a background in design might have a difficult time verbalizing what it is that they want. Working with an experienced designer will be a huge advantage and that is what you will get with Big Printing Las Vegas. Designing this in a timely fashion is necessary as the turnaround time has to coincide with the event being held. Showing up to a tradeshow without a backdrop is a reality for certain attendees that did not utilize the services of a top printing company. You do not want to get off the plane in Las Vegas only to find out that the designer does not work on certain days thus the backdrop will not be done on time.

Freestanding SEG Fabric Step and Repeat Wall

Easy Delivery Is Imperative and So Is Damage Free Delivery

Staff should concentrate on talking to prospects and current clients rather than biting their nails hoping the printing company will deliver on time. The peace of mind that Big Printing Las Vegas can offer is a quick turnaround time as well as prompt delivery or can even be available for a project to be picked up. Setup of the backdrop also needs to be easy as it will need to be dismantled daily at the conference hall. Staff shouldn’t be spending copious amounts of time setting up when they could be pitching a client on a new service or product.

Having a backdrop or other tradeshow display damaged during delivery can be frustrating, to say the least. Eliminate the possibility of this happening with Big Printing Las Vegas as it is located centrally in the city. The invested money in a backdrop means that you should be able to use it for years to come. A damaged backdrop is nearly as bad as not having one in the first place. Safe shipping is offered around the country from Big Printing Las Vegas as they have been in business for decades with the testimonials to match! The quality of the backdrop being high will also reduce the likelihood of damage. Cheaper less sturdy backdrops might only be used once due to damage incurred. Increase the ROI on the backdrop by increasing the number of times it is used.

At Big Printing Las Vegas we pride ourselves on hitting tight deadlines as well as offering great customer service. No request is too trivial as we want to deliver a project that impresses and that both parties can be proud of. Location near the Vegas strip with a large warehouse allows a customer to come for a tour to see what we can do for them today! Do not hesitate to call as we understand that for some there are no days off when it comes to business.

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