Standing Out When Promoting A New Product At A Conference Using Printing and Graphics

Standing out in the appropriate way at a conference can do a multitude of things for a business. This can help legitimize them in the eyes of others in the industry and drum up leads that can change the trajectory of a business. Soft launches of new products can also be a huge hit at a conference. Getting feedback can be extremely valuable before the official launch of the product/service. In fact, some of the world’s most famous products were launched at industry events as it can help maximize exposure. Getting a buzz going about a product can be done with the right presentation at the conference hall. Utilizing printing and graphics can help attract attendees and possibly have them testing the new product within minutes. The following are ways to stand out when promoting a new product at a conference utilizing printing, graphics, and booth setup.

A Podium To Announce The Product

The launch of a product is going to be documented so it needs to look as professional as possible. Announcing the product from behind a foldable table simply is not going to cut it not to mention it would be personally as well as professionally embarrassing. The podium should have a microphone if needed as well as a backdrop. The custom backdrop will allow lights from cameras to be absorbed for a sleeker look. With this being said there needs to be something to draw attendees to the launch as debuting a new product in front of 10 people is just not going to cut it. Your product will have to be a great one to succeed but what you can handle is the presentation during its first unveiling.

Educate Attendees On The Product With Graphics

Being able to use visual aids can help explain the product in a clear way if people are not quite sure how it works. This could even be a workflow process summary as people offering new services want potential clients to understand how the project will be handled. When launching a product something like low-quality graphics can reflect poorly on the product. If possible set up the booth in a few different sections with different purposes. Showing off the product should be done in front of a high-quality backdrop. The next section should be showing the product in picture form explaining what each part does. The last section can be where the podium is standing and can be used to address questions attendees might have. Engaging with people in this manner will have them remember the product clearly if other companies are also launching products at the same conference.

Bold Display Graphics for a trade show display booth by Big Printing Las Vegas

Outdoor Displays

If you are outside there are far more variables that have to be considered. Having a durable booth that also has weather resistant features could not be more important. A rainy day at a tradeshow that is hosted outside can put a huge damper on a product launch. Offering a warm and dry place can be enough if you have heaters as people flock to dry and warm places. This could end up being a blessing in disguise but you need to make sure your graphics are high quality and wouldn’t fade or bend with the moisture. Lighting can also be tricky depending on the time of day so make sure you set up a day early if possible. This will allow you to see where the sun will be at a certain time of the day or when the sun goes down. Take care of all of the details possible that you can handle then allow Big Printing Las Vegas to help you with graphics and displays of all kinds.

Display for Home Depot by Big Printing Las Vegas

Large Banners

Large banners need to be used as well so there is no mistaking which company has this new and great product being launched. Even if an attendee does not remember the name of the product, knowing the business name allows them to find them online and potentially purchase. A great banner with cool graphics can help the company stand out but of course, having a great logo will help as well! Big Printing Las Vegas will make sure all of the colors match your company without hidden costs that some printing companies add in at the end as a terrible surprise. Transporting this will not be difficult as our offices are located centrally in Las Vegas so delivery or pickup will be simpler than ever!

Floor Stickers

Floor stickers of certain kinds can be enough to put your product debut over the edge to be considered a success. Even something as simple as footprints leading to the booth might not seem like it would work but people tend to follow where others are going (especially if it is their first time at this specific conference). In a sense, you should herd attendees to the booth in as large of quantities as possible. Even stickers that say “You Are 100 Yards From Seeing A Product That Could Change Your Business/Life” that lead to outside into the conference hall if you have prior approval.

Removable floor stickers

Wooden Signs To Direct Foot Traffic To Your Booth

Wooden signs can be a unique way to draw people to the booth with the new product debuts. This can be much like a golf course sign telling people how many yards it is until they see a product that will change their quality of life. Not many companies will take this approach to make sure that the signs are designed by only the best. Big Printing Las Vegas can handle this as well as everything else mentioned that will help a product get noticed by the right people in the industry. This can even be interactive with attendees by creating some kind of scavenger hunt whether it is taking pictures with certain people or solving industry related riddles.

The launch of a new product can be one of the most important events in an entrepreneur’s business life. A product that offers a solution to a common problem that also is priced fairly will see success if the launch is handled in the correct way. A soft launch at a conference will put the rest of the industry on notice. With the right graphics and booth setup, competitors could be second-guessing all of their business decisions leading up to the conference. Put the fear into competitors by not skimping on the launch whether it is the popup display or graphics describing the product. Use a printing service that is and has been trusted in the Las Vegas area for decades. Big Printing Las Vegas is here to help make the product launch one that is unforgettable and helps improve business!

20 foot horizontal graphic backdrop by Big Printing Las Vegas

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