Which Is Better: Mesh Banners vs. Vinyl Banners?

You want to promote your upcoming event with a nice, big banner. It has to be visible to people driving by your shop and colorful enough to catch their eye as they pass. What type of banner should you buy? There are so many options available; it helps to do some research before you decide what would work best for your needs. What would be better: a mesh banner or a vinyl banner? Will it be expensive, or will it fit into your budget? Is your message going to be seen clearly on one type of banner as opposed to another? Take the time to learn the difference between the types of banners available, because choosing the correct type of banner is important, and there are many details to consider before you make your purchase.

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Which Is Better: Mesh Banners vs. Vinyl Banners

Banners are a great way to advertise and market your business. Colorful graphics, easy-to-read slogans and clear text are vital to getting your banner noticed. Both mesh and vinyl banners are made to help you achieve your promotional goals. However, a few things need to be determined before you choose one material over the other. The location of the banner, the length of time you want it displayed and if you want designs on one or both sides of the banner are all factors that will help you select the best type of banner for your needs.

Are Mesh Banners Good?

Mesh banners are signs made from a woven material. The openings in the weave allow air to pass through the banner and keep it stable so viewers can read the messages on the banner. Companies use mesh banners to advertise their businesses at outdoor locations like parks and ball fields, or on fences at construction sites. These banners can be used for a long time, or for multiple purposes, since they tend to last a long while if kept clean and properly stored. Some of the benefits and disadvantages of using a mesh banner are listed below.

Benefits of Mesh Banners

  • Lightweight and durable
  • Resistant to tearing
  • Allow air to pass through banner
  • Longer life span

Disadvantages of Mesh Banners

  • Tends to be more expensive than vinyl
  • Can only print on one side of the banner
  • Colors and graphics tend to be muted

Are Vinyl Banners Good?

Vinyl banners are signs made of a solid sheet of a synthetic plastic material – vinyl. Their construction makes them durable and able to wick away water and withstand a good deal of wear and tear. A lot of vinyl banners are seen at trade shows and in high-traffic locations like schools and shopping centers. These banners are great for displaying vibrant colors and sharp graphics. Benefits and disadvantages of vinyl banners are listed below.

Benefits of Vinyl Banners

  • Vinyl tends to be less expensive than mesh
  • Gloss or matte finish is available
  • Can be printed on both sides
  • Can be printed in less time than mesh

Disadvantages of Vinyl Banners

  • Vinyl is more susceptible to being torn or damaged
  • Does not handle wind very well
  • Easily wrinkles with put up and taken down

Which Should I Choose?

While both mesh and vinyl banners are good ways to display your organization’s information, there are a lot of options available that need to be considered before making a selection for your group. Think about what would work best – which of the two options would fulfill all of your banner needs. Look at the following examples of companies that need banners.

Your construction company is breaking ground on the corner of Main Street and East Avenue to construct a new apartment building. You want to have a banner to hang on the fence around the construction site that announces the name of the new apartments, that they will be opening in the coming year and that your company is doing the construction. This would be a great place to use a mesh banner. It needs to hang on the fence, be out in a variety of weather conditions, not tear in the wind, and allow air movement through the banner and the fence. Mesh is just the right material for this banner! The lightweight, but durable makeup of mesh will hang properly on the fence and last for the months it takes to build and open the new apartments.

This year’s Star Trek convention is coming up in a few weeks. Your company, that specializes in authentic Star Trek memorabilia, will be in attendance to sell your products and get more names on your email and social media marketing lists. To draw more convention-goers to your booth, you have decided you want to get a banner that will display your company name and logo in clear, crisp text and bright colors. It needs to be a matte finish, so the convention hall lights don’t cause a glare, big enough to be seen from across the room, and durable enough that you can use it at multiple conventions and events for the next few years. A vinyl banner would be your best bet. It can be printed quickly with a matte finish that will display well, and it will hold up for numerous occasions.

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By doing some research on the different types of banners and what is available in both formats, these companies were able to make the selection that worked best for their businesses.

See How We Did It On the Las Vegas Strip

Outdoor mesh is ideal for construction barricades, hanging banners, metal barricade wraps, fence wraps, and similar outdoor needs. A mesh banner’s small holes allow much more air to pass through than the wind slits of a vinyl banner, and are more aesthetically-pleasing. Here’s an example of how well a mesh banner worked for one of our clients. The following are some key takeaways from the project:

  • The banner was produced and turned around in a little over a week.
  • The 8 ft. tall banner covered just under 1 mile of Las Vegas Blvd Strip frontage.
  • The mesh vinyl fence wrap hid a construction project and was attached with aluminum ties to the fence.
  • A reinforced hem all around and special reinforced tabs in the center of the graphic minimized wind pushing the center of the banner out.
  • The banner withstood high winds for 2 years before being removed because it wasn’t needed anymore.