What is Tension Fabric?

Creating eye-catching displays for consumers or buyers isn’t always the easiest task for an entrepreneur. You have your mind on many other important decisions, not just how to make your business standout at a trade show event. There have been many innovations in the advertising signage industry, including those types of options that can pull double duty from the trade show floor to the sales floor. When business owners want a durable, cost effective and long lasting advertising statement, many choose tension fabric signage.

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What Is Tension Fabric?

In its simplest form, tension fabric signage is a colorful printed advertisement for a business on stretchable fabric that is pulled over a sturdy frame. The frame can be designed out of wood, hard plastic or lightweight aluminum. This type of signage is durable, easy to move and is typically very cost effective. Tension fabric signs can be used in a number of creative ways that make it ideal for a wide array of settings.

What Is Tension Fabric Used For?

Tension fabric signs can take any number of shapes and sizes, making it a popular choice for trade shows. You can use tension fabric as a backdrop or as foreground signage, but most dynamic uses of this type of signage utilize both. This can help you to create eye-catching displays that draw in consumers to your booth. Thanks to their light weight and ease of assembly, tension fabric signs are also ideal traveling signage for conventions or trade shows.

Some further benefits of using tension fabric signage are that they are long lasting. Because they are made of fabric, they are washable. They are also extremely customizable and allow you to have multiple branding possibilities. You can manipulate your placement of signage throughout a trade show or convention event, even easily changing signs throughout the day. This keeps your booth interesting and fresh for consumers and competitors alike.

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Tension fabric has several advantages that make it an increasingly popular choice over other signage materials. Vinyl signage can be heavy and creases easily, making it difficult to store and transport. Tension fabric is light and doesn’t require special care when storing. Mesh signage sometimes isn’t as visible indoors as it is outdoors, while tension fabric offers high visibility in any setting.

What Material Is Tension Fabric Made Of?

Tension fabric is typically made out of a highly stretchable polyester fabric. Because of the nature of the material, your signage can hold vivid colors and crisp designs for many years. You can get multiple year usage out of tension fabric signs, making this a very cost-effective option.

Polyester fabrics are extremely easy to customize with your logo, or perhaps a vivid eye-catching photograph. They can be crafted to your preferred sizes, and can be made in unique shapes to garner further exposure for your brand. You can also have duplicates made for your different traveling representative teams at an affordable price.

Not only are tension fabric signs cost-effective and durable, they also can create striking displays that draw consumers into your trade booth or brick and mortar showroom. These colorful, clearly printed, vivid banners really let your branding stand out among the crowd. With its ease of use and affordability, there is no type of signage that is quite as versatile as tension fabric.