How Do I Promote My Business at a Trade Show?

Trade shows are a fantastic way to market your business, make new contacts, network with peers, discover potential clients and sell more of your product or service. If you buy a booth one of these events, what is the best way to promote your business? Are you going to be able to make your trade show experience profitable for your company? Read on for ways to ensure you properly promote your business and have a successful trade show experience.

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How Do I Promote My Business at a Trade Show?

There are several things you can do before, during and after a show to ensure you are getting the most you can out of your next trade show.

1. How to Choose Which Trade Shows to Invest In

With all the trade shows available out there, it helps to do some research before you choose one to attend. You want to find the ones that best match your industry and will have the most potential for helping grow your business.

Your target market, or the people who will most likely be interested in buying your products, is who you need to look for when determining the best trade shows for you and your company. Find events that cater to the people you need to meet to help grow your business.

To find trade shows that will work best for you:

  • Visit The site for the Trade Show News Network includes a database of trade shows and allows you to search the shows by date, location and industry.
  • Check Reddit: The social media site is a great place for marketing businesses, so if a certain show is being talked about, it is probably a good idea to research it and see if it fits with your business goals.
  • See who is attending different trade shows: If your competition is going to a show, you might want to go too. Look for potential investors, customers or partners and see what trade shows they are planning to attend. You want to be where your target market is!
  • Research: For the trade shows that interest you, look at the number of businesses with exhibits, the attendance numbers, the types of industries the attendees were from, and more. You don’t want to invest in low attendance events that aren’t relevant to your industry.

2. How to Promote Your Booth Before a Trade Show

Promoting your booth and your business does not start at the trade show, it starts in the months leading up to the actual event. You need to market your business and announce your attendance at the show to let your target market know you will be there.

To promote your booth before the show:

  • Use social media: Let your followers, clients, partners and others know that you will be attending the trade show. Post links to the trade show’s website and registration forms. Post information on any demonstrations you may be holding at your booth, new products you will be premiering, or anything else that might draw attendees.
  • Use your team: Make sure that any of your employees attending the show and manning the booth know all the details about the event. Have them reach out to all of their contacts and inform them of your company’s booth and presence at the trade show.
  • Get a list of attendees: Use this list to start marketing your company and your booth well before the trade show. Reach out to as many people as possible over email, social media and the trade show’s hashtag and industry terms.

3. How to Make Your Booth Stand Out

There are so many vendors at trade shows, how can you make sure that your company stands out from the rest? You need to make sure your booth gets noticed by all the people in attendance. Some ways to get their attention include:

  • Use colorful banners and signage: Make sure your company’s name and logo are easy to see and that they stand out on the banners and signs you use at your booth. You want to make sure people can find you and that they remember your company name after they leave.
  • Have a contest, giveaway or a drawing: Everyone loves to get something for free! Offer branded swag, such as T-shirts or water bottles, to visitors. You’ll make a lasting impression and attendees will show off your name and logo whenever they use your gift.
  • Offer food and beverages: After walking around a convention floor, attendees appreciate a snack or a drink. Feeding your visitors is a great way to get a lot of traffic through your booth.
  • Employ interactive elements: Have an employee demonstrating your latest product or service, set up touch screens to gather customer information, or conduct a survey with the visitors to your booth.

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4. How to Maximize Your Impact After the Trade Show

Once you return home after a trade show, your work is not over. There are a number of things you still need to do to maximize your impact from the event.

  • Keep marketing on social media: Post pictures, video and comments from the trade show on your social media accounts. Those who attended the trade show will be reminded of the time they spent at your booth, and those didn’t will be encouraged to do so next time.
  • Follow up with new contacts: Reach out to everyone who left a business card, or who entered their information on a mailing list. Remind them of your meeting at the event, and talk to them about any potential sales, partnerships or other business you discussed.
  • Measure your results: Did you get as many new contacts and visitors to your booth as you wanted? Did you get any new sales? Determine if you met or exceeded the goals you had before the show. Was this a good trade show for you, or did it not meet your expectations?
  • Document everything: If you had a successful trade show, you will want to build upon the things that worked for you. If your experience was not as great as you had hoped, you can go over the information and see what needs to change for your next show.

Attending a trade show for your business is a big investment. You need to make sure you do the work before the show to plan properly, as well as the work during and after the show to ensure you get the most out of your attendance. Some research, thought, and planning will make all the difference in guaranteeing you promote your business to the fullest at any trade show you attend.