Trade Show Table Layout 101- Creating an Appealing Look

A trade show table is your business’s platform for showcasing itself to a wide range of potential new customers and business partners. It has to attract visitors and leave a lasting impression on them. This means a trade show table’s layout and design are crucial. But how do know what constitutes a creative design and a sensible layout?

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How to Create a Great Trade Show Table Layout

There are some basic tips that one can follow to create a great trade show table layout. These tips include taking stock of the space, choosing the right décor and aesthetic, using promotional items and swag, and adding activities and games to draw people in.

Take Stock of the Space

Is your trade show display just a table, or are you working with a 10 x 10 (or even larger) booth with multiple surfaces? Take stock of the space you have to work with in your booth, as well as its location relative to others. Try some of the following strategies to maximize the use and visibility of your space:

  • Position the table near customer traffic.
  • Don’t put your table at the front of the booth; open the space and encourage browsing.
  • If possible, place a table and chairs in one corner for more serious discussions about your products, services, and company.

Choose the Right Décor and Aesthetic

Your business’s trade show table should have a coherent décor and aesthetic that complements its brand. Every element of your booth’s design, from the typography on your banners to the color scheme of your employees’ uniforms, should convey a unified experience when taken as a whole.

Some ideas are:

  • Use a large, bright backdrop to make your booth stand-out.
  • Include lighting at your table.
  • Add a printed table cloth.
  • Consider a back-lit table top; it draws customers in.
  • If using posters, use a presentation display for the poster to pop out.

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Get Promotional Items and Swag

Free items and swag provides another opportunity to add your logo, motto, and design onto a product. Branded swag presents an easy, and relatively low cost-effective way to raise awareness of your company without making customers feel mandated to stay at a table. Here are some tips for creating swag and promotional items:

  • Make sure the items keep in line with your overall message.
  • Separate the swag from your business products on the table.
  • Don’t simply buy the cheapest item; it should represent your brand.
  • Buy a variety of swag to reach out to a large audience.
  • Think usefulness. You want your customers to repetitively use it.

Get Activities or Games to Draw People In

Games and activities are an engaging and fun way to attract customers to your booth. This is especially true if you can get customers to work with the staff, other customers, or products via the game. When considering how to add such an idea to your trade show table, consider some of these tips:

  • Ensure that you have the table space and materials to accommodate for your game and activities. 
  • Give swag as prizes and sure that it aligns with your business goals.
  • Make the game short
  • Separate your game from your products and services.
  • Be selective with who participates. You’re looking for customers that may be interested in your game, but also your service and product.

Trade Show Table Design & Layout Tips 

In addition to creating a sensible trade show table layout, businesses should also think about the table design. Two main factors to implement in table design are sensible product arrangement and appealing, easy-to-read signage.

Product Arrangement

It’s not enough to set up a spacious booth with a table. You must consider how to showcase your products to visitors. Which products do you think will appeal most to attendees and how will you promote them?

A few tips for a successful product arrangement at a trade show table:

  • Have a logical sequence to your table layout. 
  • Arrange products levels; short items are in front and big items are in back.
  • Embrace space. Don’t clutter.
  • Organize similar or connected products in the same area. 
  • Don’t arrange the products in straight rows; make it dynamic.

Use appealing and easy-to-read signage

You have so much you want to tell visitors to your booth but so little time to do it. Use signage and posters to communicate essential information about your company, such as its mission or its products and services. Some factors in effective trade show table signage are:

  • Use large images and limit text. 
  • Ensure that the images tie into your company’s overall message. 
  • Think of the signage as a billboard; less is more.
  • Create text or tag lines that emphasize the most important points.
  • Always use a big font with a color palette that is easy to read.
  • Research what type and size displays other businesses are using.

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Business owners that use a mixture of strong table layout and design are more successful at drawing in visitors to their booth. They can effectively communicate to prospective customers what their company has to offer and draw the right ones into their booth. However, this requires a deep understanding of your business’s own strengths and weaknesses. By creating an effective table design, you’re also working toward successful and sustainable future for your company.