6 Interactive Booth Games That Attract Crowds

Business owners often use trade shows as a way to introduce their business to a wider audience. When exhibiting at a trade show, it’s important to make sure your booth stands out among the crowd. After all, you don’t want to spend all that time and money just to have people pass you by. One of the best ways to get more attention to your trade show booth is to set up interactive games that will keep contestants engaged long after they have left the event.

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The Best Interactive Trade Show Booth Games

Ideally, trade show booth games will let your potential customers have a little fun while teaching more about what your business has to offer. Here are some of the best interactive games you can try at your booth.

1. Prize Wheels

A large prize wheel is a great way to get more people to stop by your booth. People enjoy the game show experience that a prize wheel generates. Follow these tips to create a prize wheel that visitors will want to play:

  • Use a variety of colors for the wheel. Consider using lights to make it even more impressive for passersby.
  • Create a fun rapport with the crowd in a way that will make them excited to play.
  • Have a wide variety of prizes available at multiple tiers, including a grand prize. This should be something valuable enough to keep people interested, like a gift card.

2. Trivia

Trivia is a game that will keep contestants engaged while deepening engagement with your brand. Make sure the questions are related to your industry—after all, you want people to learn about your business at the same time, right? Along with one grand prize, you should also consider offering up branded prizes, such as T-shirts, pens, water bottles, and other swag, for both correct and incorrect answers. That way, everyone will walk away with a little souvenir to remind them of your brand.

3. Twitter Prize Draw

As a modern business owner, it’s only smart to utilize social media in your marketing efforts. Why not apply this to the trade show floor as well? Here’s an easy one. Set up a large flat-screen television at your booth to display your Twitter feed with a specific hashtag that’s focused on your contest. Have viewers tweet using that hashtag for a chance to win a prize. Once you have selected your winner(s), tweet back to notify them. This is a fun way to draw more attention to your booth while also earning more followers for your business.

4. Counting Game

This is a simple way to break the ice with all those trade show attendees: ask them to guess how many items you have stored in a container. Consider using things like coins or candies that have been printed with your company logo. The contestant who guesses the closest number to the actual amount should earn a prize.

5. Arcade Games

People love nostalgia, and you can use it to endear your business to your audience. Pick a few arcade favorites and you will be sure to increase traffic to your trade show booth. Use these tips to set up a successful game for attendees:

  • Create a leaderboard where you can post high scores throughout the day. This will create a lively atmosphere as contestants compete to earn the top spot.
  • Enhance the arcade experience by having players earn tickets to redeem for an assortment of prizes.
  • Where possible, make the arcade games digital so that people can post their scores and gaming photos to their social media accounts. This will also increase exposure for your business.

6. Jumbo Games

Jumbo games can draw attendees to your booth just for a chance to play. They can also help you stand out on the trade show floor. Just keep these tips in mind for your game:

  • Make sure you have each piece to your game before you leave for the trade show. You don’t want to be scrambling at the last minute to come up with a new game idea.
  • Study the rules of the game you’ll be playing to ensure you can clearly relay them to the crowd.
  • Encourage spectators to cheer on the participants of the game—this will help create that exciting booth experience you’re after.
  • Plan to have a variety of prizes available. These games go quickly, and you’ll want to play more than once to keep the crowd coming to your booth.

With these games, you can ensure your trade show booth attracts the attention that will lead to more leads, and hopefully, more sales for your business. To learn more about creating memorable trade show exhibits, contact us today.