How Do I Get My Trade Show Display to Stand Out?

As a business owner, you’re always looking for opportunities to make your business profitable and successful. This means you’re constantly on the hunt for new customers. Trade shows are excellent opportunities for you to advertise your products, services, and brand to people in your community who would benefit from them. To best capitalize on trade shows, however, it’s worth noting some best practices as well as tips and tricks to get your trade show booth to stand out and attract a crowd.

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How Do I Get My Trade Show to Stand Out?

Securing a spot at a trade show is just the first step in advocating your business’ brand. Once you know your booth’s location, now it’s time to get creative and strategic and figure out how to get your trade show to stand out. Depending on the size of the trade show, there could be hundreds of other booths there vying for the attention (and business) of attendees. There will likely be a competitor or two there as well.

People who attend trade shows have many booths to choose from and will only visit those that capture their eyes and hand out unique giveaways.

Implementing some trade show best practices is the best way to make your trade show booth stand out.

Trade Show Display Best Practices

To be successful at a trade show, there are some trade show best practices to keep in mind:

  • Set Clear Goals Before the Show: Instead of “winging it,” come up with an elevator pitch and practice it. Also, have concrete sales goals in mind such as getting the contact information or business cards from 50 attendees.
  • Be Prepared: You need to get to your booth a day or two early to begin set up. The set up is something you don’t want to do at the last minute. If you’re going to do giveaways such as t-shirts, bags, hats, banners, etc. make sure you allow enough time to have them designed and delivered.
  • Limit Giveaways: If you limit the amount of giveaway items, you’ll create a sense of “FOMO” among the attendees. Instill into the minds of the trade show attendees that they need to make it over to your booth before your freebies run out.
  • Be Presentable: Whether it’s yourself or a few of your sales reps who will attend the trade show, make sure you look professional and presentable.
  • Engage: With the numerous other booths at trade shows, people will not automatically walk up to each one. If you take initiative and walk up to people instead of remaining a statue behind your booth, you’ll be more successful in getting people to visit your booth.
  • Speak With a Purpose: Trade show attendees have a lot of ground to cover in a short amount of time. They want to know how your brand, products and services are different and how they can be of benefit.
  • Be Ready for the Long Haul: Trade shows don’t start when attendees enter nor do they end when the show closes. Be prepared to get there days early to set up and stay hours after the event to pack everything down.

Tips for Exhibiting at Trade Shows

Below are some tips to help get your trade show display to stand out:

  • Note Your Booth Location: Be sure to familiarize yourself with its location and note some ways you can take advantage of the location.
  • Plan Ahead: Order branded giveaway items in advance. Make sure branded signage, collateral and business cards are current, assign people to operate the booth, schedule set up and tear-down and figure out communication with the office.
  • Schedule Shifts: If the trade show is held over multiple days, assign people to shifts to avoid burnout.
  • Get on the Same Page: Make sure all those representing your company at the trade show as well as key people in the office are on the same page concerning messaging, strategy and what to do should issues come up.
  • Walk Around and Check Out Other Booths: Before the trade show starts, walk around the other booths and talk to some of the other businesses present. Look at how their booths are set up, how they present their messaging and what types of giveaways they are offering.

How to Attract a Crowd to Your Display

Every booth owner strives to be the one that attendees can’t stop talking about. Here are some ways to attract a crowd to your trade show:

  • Be Engaging: Standing around like a statue is not only boring, it is uninviting. Through engagement, you increase the number of contacts and potential customers.
  • Offer Unique or Practical Giveaways: A few examples of great giveaway items include extra large, reusable tote bags, earphone cord organizers, tumblers, water bottles, lip balm and water bottles.
  • Have an Amazing Demonstration: Besides showing off the product or service, try making it interactive and hands-on. For more pizzazz, give booth visitors a one-of-a-kind virtual reality experience.
  • Have a Colorful, Eye-Catching Display: Trade show attendees are drawn to bright colors and impressive, usual graphics.

Trade shows can be great opportunities to attract new customers and grow your business. However, if you don’t take full advantage of them by following trade show best practices and coming up with unique, creative ways to make your brand stand out, they won’t help your business as well as they could. Trade show best practices and tips are great starting points to successfully attract attendees to your booth. To make your booth more show-stopping, the use of unique graphics and displays, interactive, virtual reality experiences and purposeful messaging all can go a long way.