How to Design Your Trade Show Display and Layout

Designing your trade show display can be challenging and time-consuming. We’ve rounded up our best tips to help make the design process easier.

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5 Tips for Designing the Best Trade Show Display

Start your trade show display design with these tips and start attracting your target audience at your next trade show or convention.

#1. Understand & Implement Trade Show Display Design Principles

Basic design principles aren’t just for print, they are essential in trade show booth design.

Honor the rule of thirds. As in photography, picture dividing your trade show display into 9 equal parts with 3 vertical and 3 horizontal lines. Display important elements along the linear intercepts each line creates. To create visual interest and a polished look, display important information on the grid intersections.

Harness the power of color. Choose colors and designs that visually complement your brand. Strategically, use color to conjure emotions in your viewers and convey meaning. Color to help influence how attendees respond to your messages.

#2. Utilize Space & Layout

Space is key. Consider how the setup and spacing might encourage your target audience to stop, visit, and stay.

Give your audience:

Room to breathe. To design an appealing trade show display think about your audience. Leave plenty of room for your trade show booth visitors to move comfortably. Extra space, paired with a welcoming environment will encourage people to stop and visit.

Room to connect. Provide dedicated areas that promote 1-1 conversation. Creating nooks along with open space for browsing lets your trade show team adapt to all visitor types. Arm your team with the resources they need to engage with clients quickly and efficiently to get your message out there. Make these researchers easily available for the visitors who are just passing through.

Room to … feel supported. Consider the experience of being at a trade show all day, what is it that you need? Show your visitors that you understand them not only professionally but also personally. Promotional products are common at trade show booths, but what do attendees need? Perhaps you can offer phone charging, a padded floor, or a water bottle refill station? What kind of environment would encourage people to stick around? Think about the booths you’ve previously enjoyed. What sets them apart from the others?

#3. Plan Your Design Ahead of Time

Trade show display designs are often started up to a year in advance of a trade show or convention. Ample planning is critical, especially if you plan on designing your trade show booth yourself.

However, if you’re short on time relying on experts can make a BIG difference.

#4. Know the Trade Show Regulations

Are you familiar with the regulations outlined by the trade show or convention? It’s critical you design your booth to fit within these parameters. Frequently, there are limitations on trade show booth height or on what elements you can include.

#5. Get Expert Help

Unless you’re an engineer, setting up your booth is best left to the professionals. Experts will ensure your trade show booth is structurally sound and meets your trade show regulations. They can even provide 3D renderings to see what your display will look like before exhibiting.

If you need more design guidance, Big Printing Las Vegas experts are ready and willing to help ensure your trade show display is everything you’ve been dreaming up. We offer modular trade show display design services to help you create the most striking trade show booth possible.

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