What is a Step and Repeat?

Managing a market campaign for your business can be challenging at best. With events always happening in the public eye, you want to make sure your business stays visible, viable and established credibility within the public arena. Step and repeat banners are an effective vehicle to take your company’s marketing to the next level.

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What Is a Step and Repeat?

In layman’s terms, a step and repeat is a backdrop displayed at events such as movie premieres, sporting events, trade shows or grand openings, which attendees stand in front of to be photographed. It usually will have a logo or image design echoed throughout the length of the banner. A step and repeat banner can be made from fabric or vinyl and is typically around 8’ x 8’, but it may be longer.

In the marketing world, a step and repeat is simply an effective way to get your business’s name and logo out into the public eye through banners or backdrops that can be echoed throughout social and print media.

Why Are Step and Repeat Backdrops & Banners Used?

Step and repeat backdrops and banners are used as a publicity tool to increase or maintain visibility with the public. Historically, banners were used by celebrities for obligatory photos during red carpet events. The thought here was to try to photograph a picture of the celebrity standing in front of a company’s logo. That is akin to free publicity.

Step and repeat banners or backdrops are beneficial to your business. If the design is planned utilizing the KISS principle (Keep It Simple, Silly), your business could continually be exposed to thousands of new potential customers. Here are some reasons to include use of a step and repeat banner or backdrop as part of your advertising arsenal.

  • Credibility          
  • Social Media Profile Photo Longevity
  • Great Return on Investment
  • Versatility

Considerations for Buying a Step and Repeat

If you are ready to add a step and repeat banner or backdrop to your advertising campaign, you might want to do a bit of research to fully develop an idea of how big you want it, portability, budget and how the banner’s feature(s) will fully impact your company’s reputation.

Size and Material

A step and repeat banner can be any size you wish. A typical size for a banner is from 8 feet wide to as long as 16 feet. Any longer and it would be considered customized, which would increase overall cost.

Materials can either be vinyl or fabric. If you are using the banner for an outdoor event, you might consider vinyl. It holds up well to water and sunshine exposure. For inside events, fabric is a more elegant and popular choice. Fabric tends to take color well and will not necessarily crease if stored and transported smartly.

Ease of Setup

Unless you have a large crew to help set up your signage, most likely, you will be transporting and setting up the banner yourself. It would be smart for you to roll your banner onto a tube, such as a PVC pipe to maximize portability. One person can carry the properly rolled bag and use it repeatedly at multiple venues.

Once you have carried the banner to where it needs to be, you have to then set it up. The easiest thing to do would be to have the banner wired to a collapsible stand. Modern stands make it extremely easy to set up and take down your display banners very easily.


Buying a step and repeat banner or backdrop is an easy way to not break your budget. From anywhere between $95.00 to $500, you can find banner creators and graphic artists who will customize your display to present a professional and tasteful representation of your company.

Company Reputation

If you’ve seen pictures of celebrities on the red carpet, they’re often taken in front of a step and repeat banner. Having your company receive an implicit celebrity endorsement can burnish its reputation and offers wide exposure.

A step and repeat banner is a smart investment, but it needs to be of a high quality to improve your credibility while attracting new customers. Whether you want a banner which is a simple design of just your logo or something with more depth, you want to be sure to choose a printing company which can deliver a quality product.