How to Assemble a Step and Repeat

Many event planners run into trouble with organizing the space and creating the right ambiance in an event. A large room with no focal point or dividers can be overwhelming for a customer or guest. One simple way to create order in a large event space is to use temporary graphic walls called a step and repeat. Knowing how to assemble one is a skill that can make your events more memorable and effective at promoting your organization.

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How to Assemble a Step and Repeat

There are several different types of these quick to assemble temporary walls. Each one has its own unique assembly steps.

Pipe and Drape Step and Repeat

Pipe and drape walls are very simple in their construction. They are made of steel and are very light weight. These square or rectangular divider walls consist of metal poles and drapes that can be customized with a logo or large print graphics. Pipe and drape walls can be assembled by one person and require no extra tools.

  1. Locate the rectangular steel base pieces of the unit. These will serve as the “feet” of your frame.
  2. Next, secure one support rod to each steel base using the pins included. Further secure these two parts together using the clamps provided.
  3. Attach a second support rod to create a frame that is 8 feet high.
  4. Connect the cross bars together. These will be the top and bottom of your wall.
  5. Attach the crossbars to the support rods using the tabs and slots on each item respectively.
  6. Once you have successfully assembled the unit, you can remove the top crossbars and attach your choice of premier drape. Simply slide on each drap to the crossbar as you would a window curtain.
  7. Replace the top crossbar.
  8. Remove the bottom crossbar and attach the premier drape in the same fashion.
  9. You now have a simple pipe and drape frame.

step and repeat

Pop-Up Back Wall

A lightweight option that requires no special tools, the pop-up wall has a very modern, sturdy feel. These walls compress like an accordion, making set up a breeze. However, this type of wall setup is a two-person job. 

  1. Unzip the carrying case and lift out your folded back wall. 
  2. With the aid of another person, pull opposing corners of the wall to stretch it out, as you would an accordion.
  3. Once the wall is stretched out, in order to pull taut the large print graphics on your wall, secure each corner stabilizing arm as well as every other arm you encounter.
  4. Attach the overlapping edges of your large print graphic to the sides of your wall using the attached hook and loop strips.
  5. Now you can turn your back wall upright with the help of an assistant.

Retractable Step and Repeat

The quickest set up of all the step and repeat walls described here, the retractable graphic wall is a very clean, professional display. This signage is easily assembled by one person.

  1. Remove poles from bag.
  2. Attach to the wide metal base.
  3. Lift up and unroll your large print roller banner that is contained in the metal base and secure to the poles.

Each of these step and repeat walls are perfect for specific areas of your planned event. All of them can be used as backdrops or as partitions between areas, depending on how you’d like to style your event. All of these options can be adorned with full color, large scale graphics that will help you to define the style of your event. If you are promoting your brand, you’re also able to capture the audience’s attention with these types of backdrops. Whatever type of space you are in, these step and repeat signs will make your event visually dynamic.