Building Wraps


Did you know Building Wraps and Wall Scapes are great for:

  • Giant seamless outdoor wall scapes attract attention, great for show announcements, special promotions, and branding
  • Event advertising
  • New product launches
  • Las Vegas show announcements
  • Casino promotions
  • New development branding
  • Trade show marketing
  • Stadium, Arena and Venue graphics
  • Creating brand awareness

Are you aware typical static billboards are 14 by 48 feet in size? Whereas building wraps could be 60 by 300 feet or much larger.

Building wrap
Adhesive vinyl building wrap

Now imagine the size comparison. One large building wrap will be the equivalent of placing up to 10 billboards into one image! The building wrap becomes enormous in comparison as it towers above all other outdoor advertising.

The most exciting part of utilizing a wall scape or building wrap in Las Vegas is:

  • Favorable outdoor sign codes
  • Up to 50,000 square feet in size or more
  • Many casino and hotel properties provide lease-able space
  • Month to month face leases are available
  • Your message has a global reach
  • Giant outdoor advertising stands out
  • What type of building wraps or wall scapes is best?

For a building wrap on a large hotel property that is mostly glass then:

  • Clear Focus window perf is best
  • Does not harm building
  • Last for years
  • Does not require lamination

New construction building wraps great for pre-branding your development For wall scapes on garage structures, buildings or new construction then:

  • Supreme mesh with reinforced edges and corners
  • Cabling system for best results
  • Option for direct apply self-adhesive on concrete
  • The best advice for wrapping a building, applying graphics to a tall wall or displaying an outdoor wall scape is to talk to an expert.

If you want free advice or prefer a building advertising wrap or wall scape quote then contact Big Printing Las Vegas today. Click on the ‘Get Quote‘ button at the bottom of the page, or call Big Printing Las Vegas right now at (702) 823-5004.

Big Printing Las Vegas will help you with:

  • Timing the graphic
  • Permitting the giant print
  • Leasing building face space
  • Provide exact material for best results
  • Project manage your building wrap request start to finish
  • Building wrap and wall scape design
  • Proper vector art sizing and printing
  • Are building wraps for everyone?

Typical wall scapes are a lot smaller than a building wrap and therefore are much more cost effective to use. Most casino properties, stadiums, arenas, venues, exhibit halls, malls, real estate developments and commercial centers already have cabling, scaffolding, truss systems and other methods of attachment in place to secure large wall scapes, vertical banners, building banners and event graphics.

A building wrap, on the other hand, is going to cost a lot more money. If you own the development, the property or center then you will save the large cost of renting prime space on the Las Vegas strip. Keep in mind many advertisers continue to enjoyed residual exposure from magazine, web, article and photo content worldwide from their image on a Las Vegas property.

If your looking for a lease always plan in advance. A good rule of thumb is to start planning your building wrap 3 months in advance if you’re looking for building face leases. Outdoor advertising on the Las Vegas strip for major brands is in high demand. So please check with Big Printing Las Vegas first.

If you own the property or are not subject to a building wrap face lease then you will save money and will not be required to plan that far ahead.

Contact Big Printing Las Vegas today at (702) 823-5004. We will help you make a big impression to a local and global audience today! Click on the ‘Get Quote’ button now.

Window mesh building wrap
Window mesh building wrap





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