Coroplast Signs


Coroplast signs

Are you looking for attention grabbing Coroplast Signs? Want to save money while providing a great quality image? Then custom printed coroplast is your best solution!

Did you know coroplast signs are used for:

  • Be creative with your coroplast sign displays like this custom cut out for human billboard advertising
  • Branded ad pole displays
  • Human Billboard sign
  • Bandits weekend bootlegs
  • Cut out arrow signs
  • Drive through advertising
  • Tee box sponsor signage
  • Political yard signs

Coroplast is a lightweight fluted plastic that comes in different thicknesses. Best of all, coroplast is waterproof, it holds up outdoors where other low priced advertising sign material will not.

Are you are in a hurry? Want a custom corrugated sign printing quote right now? Then click the ‘Get Quote‘ button on the right. At Big Printing Las Vegas our solution experts will respond shortly. Once your quote is in the system it will flow smoothly to the right department so you may go about your day.

You will then be provided a quote from which you may choose to place your corrugated sign order. It’s that easy with Big Printing Las Vegas. There is no limit to your custom request. Mass produced custom printed corrugated signs for outdoor business sign pole advertising.\

Coroplast signs are designed:

  • To maximize your end use
  • As custom cutouts upon request
  • In full color or to your specifications
  • With special sign mounting in mind

Even though coroplast signage is great for special promotional drive thru advertising for fast food restaurants, weekend directional signage for home builders, election signs for politicians and other types of low-cost business sign advertising, corrugated signs do have a few drawbacks.

What you need to know about corrugated signs:

  • Corrugated signs tend to be see through in certain lighting, therefore, printing on one side provides for the best results without shadowing
  • Corex is a fluted plastic so it is important that the flutes run horizontally for larger election signs so they do not bend
  • The flutes must run vertically on smaller advertising signs if they are using H frames
  • Always run grommets in two sections side by side along perimeter and on vertical so when using tie wire to stakes the grommets thread and protect the plastic from tearing
  • Typical energy drink or printed cut out pole advertising signs have pre-cut slits or holes in the design for easy bending attachment to poles

It is always good to get a quote from an expert who understands the different end uses which coroplast signage will be displayed. Whether you are looking for small runs or mass production, Big Printing Las Vegas will ensure you get the right fluted layout design with a method of attachment for your end use. Get a custom corrugated sign quote today. Call us today at (702) 823-5004, or click the ‘Get Quote ” button at the bottom of the page.





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