Pummel Your Silly Competitors with Eye-Opening Las Vegas Mobile Billboards. New Giant Mobile Billboard Truck with plenty of advertising space with lighting, sound, and GPS. Pummeling silly competitors who do not understand the power of eye-opening Mobile Billboards is to your drooling advantage.

Imagine roaming the bustling streets (alleys ways) of Las Vegas aiming huge in-your-face target market advertising right at the eager prospect. Advertising your lunch specials or 2 for 1 show tickets along the Las Vegas strip. Driving more attendees to visit your exhibit booth as you circle the convention center like a shark to its prey.

The resulting numbers are staggering when comparing the cost to other forms of out of home advertising ideas. Did you know large 20 x 10 mobile billboard trucks are an affordable outdoor form of advertising? Plus who doesn’t want to reach over 900,000 unique viewers a day?

Are you looking for a less expensive option than those teetering high priced stuck in one place roadside billboards? Or those horrifying costly 6 figure temporary giant wall scape advertising facades?

How about simply getting what you want with measurable results using real-time GPS? Where you choose the when and where. Then now is the time to consider reaching your target market with large rolling mobile board trucks in Las Vegas today. Whether you want the new 4 sided giant illuminated eye-popping trucks or the giant 20′ x 10′ double sided Mobile Billboards… The choice is yours.

Mobile Billboard
Mobile Billboard Image

Because research shows Mobile Billboard advertising, on a cost per thousand views, is the most effective way to reach your target audience.

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The on duty Mobile Billboard experts’ name and the number will be presented. This assures you talk with a real person right now. This large 5×10 rear view mobile billboard truck panel in Las Vegas offers more advertising space than ever before. You may then discuss your Las Vegas Mobile Billboard ideas with an expert Instantly (no pressure and hassle free).

To better serve you, Big Printing Las Vegas now provides you with the name of the manager on duty when you give us a call. You talk directly with our local Mobile Billboard truck expert in the Las Vegas, Nevada market today.

Want to capture your target market with Mobile Billboard Advertising? Are you looking for a cost effective way to advertise and market your:

  • Las Vegas Event marketing?
  • Grand Opening?
  • Upcoming Trade Show?
  • Show Booth Promotion?
  • Sporting Events?
  • Las Vegas Entertainment?
  • New Product Launch?
  • Awesome Concert series?
  • Special Event Promotions?
  • Or simply increase brand awareness with Mobile Billboards?

Mobile truck advertising has many advantages over stationary billboards. You choose the route. You bring the billboard to your target audience. One Mobile Billboard produces well over 500,000 impressions a shift. Mobile Billboard trucks stand out in a crowd. The Mobile Advertising Trucks are Huge. Reverse lit for amazing visibility at night, you target specific locations. The Las Vegas Strip offers global reach. Mobile billboard campaigns are proven to increase traffic, response, and awareness.

Mobile Billboard advertising in Las Vegas will provide your small business, company, trade show, event, restaurant or Las Vegas resort headliner show with favorable results. These new extra wide extended cab 20×10 Mobile Billboard trucks provide more advertising space.

Imagine rolling up and down the Las Vegas Strip with giant 20 x 10 mobile billboard advertisements to promote show ticket specials, 2 for 1 buffets, special club DJ appearances or events?

Imagine rolling mobile billboard trucks within a 2 or 5-mile radius of your local Las Vegas restaurant, business, store or mall location promoting grand openings, nightly specials, new product offerings and service specials?

You choose the Mobile Billboard truck routes. You decide the times and locations. You can even choose to park a mobile billboard at an event, your local business or shopping center. You also get real-time GPS tracking. Best of all is large billboard printed flex faces are easily interchangeable within 20 minutes or less.

A Mobile Billboard may be utilized for:

  • 4 hour period to 8 hours plus
  • 1 day to 7 days a week
  • Any time of the day or night
  • Maximum exposure with 1 Mobile Billboard Truck to an entire Fleet

What to consider before choosing a local mobile billboard adverting company:

  • Are the drivers licensed, insured and professional?
  • Will my billboard faces be taut, tight and wrinkle-free?
  • Are the Mobile advertising trucks clean?
  • Is the printing clear, clean, colorful and crisp ( the 4 C’s )
  • Are the mobile ad trucks equip with GPS tracking?
  • Will my mobile billboard advertising be static or will they be scrolling faces?
  • Will I receive expert advice and recommendations?
  • Will my outdoor mobile media be stored for future use?
  • The above questions are important.

When you choose Big Printing Las Vegas you will are assured the answers to each question above is yes. Our mobile billboard expert will help you get the most measurable value out of your mobile billboard campaign.

Big Printing Las Vegas also provides:

  • Mobile Billboard design assistance if you do not have your own
  • New larger reverse lit mobile billboard trucks
  • Verified routes and traffic counts
  • Recommendations for the best solution based upon your target market
  • Fun advertising ideas like printed QR code applications for the younger demographics
  • Blue tooth pushed text content
  • Handout printed collateral for events and promotions
  • Daily and real-time GPS logs for ease of verification
  • Speaker system for trade show marketing or other onsite parked promotions
  • Insured, licensed and tested drivers
  • Human Mobile Billboards

Whether your mobile billboard advertising is route specific or parked near the entry of your Trade Show, Event or Special Promotion, Big Printing Solutions of Las Vegas is here to help you gain the most from your mobile billboard advertising campaigns.

To check pricing or to get a mobile billboard quote, click on the ‘ Get Quote ‘ button in the bottom of the page. You pick the dates and times and we do the rest. Just click ‘ submit ‘ after you fill out the Get Quote form and we will begin working on your quote.

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Remember, it’s always good to plan in advance, especially if you are exhibiting at a Las Vegas trade show venue and want to promote your booth and or new product or service to the crowd of attendees.

Why? Las Vegas host over 3-4 trade shows a week not to mention 2-3 major Corporate events a night so planning in advance assures you will have the Mobile Billboard truck(s) available, printed, and ready to roll on the dates and times you choose.

Get started. Click on ‘ Get Quote ‘ button below and get rolling with results today. Start to pummel your silly competitors with eye-opening Mobile Boards in Las Vegas today!

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