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Want a better way to display your light pole banners?

Here is a great use for college campus informational signage using patented new rigid pole banners system

Did you know our new double sided pole banners are:

  • Made from a rigid polycarbonate
  • Will not blow away in the wind
  • Are easy to change out
  • Provide excellent visibility
  • Can be custom routed to match your design
  • Patented pole bracket systems

Did you these permanent street pole banners have many advantages over the typical Sumbrella, Mesh and other fabric avenue banners?

  • UV printed and fade resistant
  • Will not fray or rip
  • Will not sag or wrinkle
Lightpole banners
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Some great end uses for pole bracket banners include:

  • Campus university direction signage
  • Color coordinate your parking lot signs with easy to remember letters and numbers
  • Parking lot signs
  • Mall and shopping center lot decor
  • Sporting complexes and stadiums
  • Museum attractions
  • Holiday decorations
  • Special event advertising
  • City bus route ID
  • Corporate entry parking
  • Local festivals
  • Architectural directional signage
  • Developer onsite amenity
  • Hospital lot ID directional signage

Need to receive pricing for avenue banners and parking lot signs?

Then use the simple ‘Request A Quote’ form at the bottom and tell Big Printing Las Vegas what you have in mind. We will provide a quote shortly or you may call us direct at (702) 823-5004 to discuss your options for street banners.

The permanent pole bracket street banner systems come in different sizes:

  • 24″ x 36″
  • 24″ x 48″
  • 30″ x 60″ ( best-recommended pole banners size )
  • 30″ x 72″

Turn on your imagination, after all, these light pole banners can be:

  • Custom routed to match you logo
  • Flat-bed printed full color
  • Cut with bleed graphics like photos depict
  • Printed with photo quality images

If you’re looking for other types of street avenue banners then simply ask.

Big Printing of Las Vegas still produces and prints your typical Mesh, Acrylic, Sumbrella and Fabric types of light pole banners. The best part of the new permanent pole bracket banner systems is once you place your first order which includes all pole bracket mounting hardware the change outs become very very cost effective. Since the patented pole bracket mounting hardware is already in place all you need to do is change out the polycarbonate panels with new panel prints. Your new pole banners can be used for seasonal decor, event marketing, festival announcements or you can simply leave them up if you’re using them for on campus directional informational signage, parking lot signs or for local City use.

No matter what type of parking signage or avenue banners you’re looking for, Big Printing Las Vegas will get you exactly what you need today. Contact us right now by using the ‘Request A Quote’ button down below or call (702) 823-5004. Big Printing Las Vegas will design, produce, print and ship Nationally. Give us a call right now and set your lot or street apart with appealing eye-catching pole banners today.

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