Seamless Aluminum Fabric Frames


Looking for an ultra thin reverse illuminated tension fabric light box?

Then our reverse lit dye sub tension fabric light boxes are the perfect solution. From reverse illuminated to non-lit modular tension fabric booth wall systems, Vector frame systems may be scaled to all booth space sizes.

Did you know reverse illuminated vector frame fabric light boxes:

  • Are Ultra thin with 4-inch depth
  • Maybe sized up to 10-foot seamless widths
  • Include a back side diffuser panel
  • Are Ship Friendly
  • May include double sided graphics
  • Are Scalable side by side up to 20 foot, 30 foot and more
  • Have Reverse lit with bright LED lighting
  • Come fabricated with a Lightweight aluminum design
  • Have an Easy set up architectural fabric framing
  • Have flush Vector frame style slide in grooves

Plus, not long ago, it used to be that reverse lit tension fabric booth systems were at least 2 foot deep to eliminate light box shadows.

Freestanding seamless fabric back wall
Backlit Lightbox Frame Inside

The old backlit fabric displays were bulky, heavy and need to be shipped in a crate. Plus setting up a backlit frame took time where these new thin backlit LED tension fabric walls are designed to be set up using one simple alan wrench tool. Even the cost of an old system was a bit pricey, but now the new ultra thin straight frame style equates to lower cost and faster turn times.

Remember when it took anywhere from 16 to 18 days to build a custom illuminated fabric back wall? Now, if you chose a standard sized vector light box frame we may turn these out in a little as 1 week with good art and ship anywhere in the USA so you have in your hands within 2 weeks. Yes, faster turn times may be achieved but overnight and next day shipping really gets expensive but if you in Las Vegas, Nevada for a trade show or event we may turn one out rather fast. As you may see from the photos on this page, these reverse lit tension fabric light boxes are sleek and present a nice clean well lit visual.

Notice how the bright LED lighting lights up this new ultra-thin tension fabric light box booth

If you are an exhibitor, event marketing pro, expo attendee, then consider the value and visual aesthetics that seamless dye sub fabric can offer you. With current dye sub capabilities up to 1220 PPI at a size, you may expect photo quality imagery on fabric. Did you know that these may also be single sided reverse lit wall mount light boxes? Imagine a showroom where imagery is well lit in the seamless fabric on the wall? Wow. Plus, being a true dye sublimation process, you may hand steam, dry clean and even cold water wash these prints. If you’re looking for reverse lit free standing tension fabric light boxes then contact Big Printing Las Vegas today at (702) 823-5004 or click the ‘Request A Quote’ button above.

Big Printing Las Vegas looks forward to helping you utilize dye sub tension fabrics in ways otherwise though impossible today. Big printing Las Vegas delivers and ships throughout the entire United States on a daily basis with guaranteed in-hands dates. Put fabric light boxes to use today and stand out in a crowd. Please ask about our ultra slim modular vector fabric show booth frame systems today. We’re one click or call away.

Backlit Lightbox Frame Close Up





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