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We know that designing your trade show display is no walk in the park. It might be the last thing on your to-do list. Between the research and a dozen decisions, it might not be something you’re looking forward to. We don’t blame you! 

Overcoming Design Challenges 

Are you currently facing any of the following trade show display challenges? 

Following Regulations

Are you familiar with the regulations outlined by the trade show or convention? It’s critical you design your booth to fit within these parameters. Frequently there are limitations on trade show booth height or on what elements may be included. 

Budget & Timeline

You don’t have unlimited time or money. You need a design that fits your budget and can be finished before your deadline. 

Setting Yourself Apart

Knowing which design elements and layouts to incorporate sets a good trade booth apart from an extraordinary one. Intentional use of space can create the perfect room for people to connect, be welcomed, and be encouraged to stop and engage.

Trade Show Graphics Hanging sign dye sub fabric
Trade Show Graphics Hanging sign dye sub fabric



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Trade show graphics backlit duratran adhesive back vinyl wall wrap
Trade Show Graphics Hanging sign dye sub fabric
Nuance trade show booth

Trade Show Display Design Made Easy 

By allowing Big Printing Las Vegas to focus on your modular trade show display design, you can focus on what’s most important to you. Spend less time planning your trade show booth design and let us worry about all the details. 

When you request a quote, our experts can make recommendations for your trade show display. These recommendations ensure your vision is aligned with your budget, needs and convention/trade show regulations. As trade show booth professionals, we’re happy to let you benefit from our knowledge. 

We’ve helped clients create:

  • Over 2.5 million square feet of fabric printed
  • Over 8.5 million square feet of soft and rigid substrates printed

We believe that you deserve creative, helpful, and honest suggestions.We love answering questions, solving problems and fulfilling the visions of our customers. Every project we fulfill is a representation of both your business and ours. We are committed to ensuring your trade show display exceeds expectations. 


Our Modular Display Design Services 

Modular trade show booth design from Big Printing Las Vegas will ensure that your trade show booth has the maximum impact for your business and the convention attendees. 

When you request a quote, our modular trade show booth design includes a free 3D rendering, allowing you to see the design before it arrives. 3D renderings are the best way to ensure that you love the design of your trade show booth. 

There’s simply nothing better than feeling confident in the final product you’re receiving. The professional design support, 3D rendering, and quality commitment from Big Printing Las Vegas give you complete peace of mind in the trade show booth design process.

Additional Trade Show Display Accessories 

Bring even more personality to your trade show display with other accessories. Trade show display accessories allow you to customize your trade show booth display and presentation. Big Printing Las Vegas offers the following trade show display accessories:

  • Trade show table runners
  • Literature racks 
  • Tabletop displays
  • Overhead banners and wayfinding signage
  • Custom podiums
  • Furniture rentals
  • Hanging signs
  • Branded promo hand-outs
  • Floor graphics
  • Brochures
  • Table throws

Once you request a quote, a Big Printing Las Vegas expert can help you select the right trade show display accessories for your trade show or convention. It never hurts to accessorize.  

Trade Show Display Rentals

Are you looking for a way to enjoy the benefits of trade show booth display design, but you’re not ready to invest in your own trade show booth? Big Printing Las Vegas has the solution. Trade show display rentals allow you to present a professional, high-quality trade show booth for a fraction of the investment. 

Trade show display rentals can fit every budget level and allow you to appear professional and polished. Display rentals are ideal for infrequent convention exhibitors. They also allow you to experiment with your design and layout. Does your trade show booth need to change from convention to convention or trade show to trade show? Rentals are the perfect solution for frequent changes in design or layout. 

Do you want to skip the hassle of lugging your trade show booth across the country? A trade show booth rental is perfect if you want to avoid the hassles of transportation. Big Printing Las Vegas can deliver, set up, and strike your trade show display. It’s the 100% hands-off solution for the hassle of trade show booth transportation and set up.


Trade Show Graphics Hanging sign dye sub fabric
Dye sub stretch tension fabric hanging sign

Ready to Get Started?

Big Printing Las Vegas is excited to offer a trade show display design to our customers because we take pride in making trade show decisions easy and confusion-free. Let us design a trade show display that delights convention attendees (and your boss)!

Delivery options are designed to best suit your needs. Graphics are always produced in-house. We never purchase graphics and sell them for a markup. 

We own the equipment and control the production process passing the savings along to you.

This means you always receive the very best work. 

We have two daily shifts, seven days a week, all year long. Our schedule allows us to deliver even on a short deadline or over the holidays. That do-list item you never completed? It’s no problem, we can help. We offer same-day and next-day rush services.!

Big Printing Las Vegas takes pride in sharing our knowledge, making recommendations, and offering expert solutions. We want you to receive the right solution for your specific needs. We are always transparent and clear about our pricing, communication, and production lead times. We are committed to providing professional, unmatched service. 





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