Custom Exhibit Truss System


Looking for a versatile custom exhibit truss system booth design?

Are you looking for an easier way to set up a custom exhibit? Do want a portable truss system that fits into a hard shell case? Looking for an exhibit booth design that will meet your desired floor space functionality? Contact Big Printing Las Vegas at (702) 823-5004 or click the Get Quote button at the bottom of the page. How about a very simple serpentine booth wall with attachable tables and LED lighting?

Did you know you can choose from a large variety of custom exhibit booth designs that:

  • Fit perfectly within a 10 x 10 show booth space
  • Can span an entire 20 x 20 exhibit foot floor space area
  • Are produced locally in Las Vegas, Nevada
  • Will save you freight, labor and shipping cost
  • Can be set up for viewing for last minute change
  • Provides for graphic panel replacements at a fraction of a new booth cost

Looking for a Custom Exhibit booth truss system with options? Add a large truss tower as a focal point to your trade show booth display

These custom exhibit booth orbital truss kits come with options like:

  • Velcro attached dye sublimation fabric panels
  • Easy to attach Roll-able PVC magnet panels
  • Trade show lighting features
  • 50 Watt or LED spotlights
  • Adjustable booth shelving – all shapes and sizes
  • Hard shell carrying case with graphic panel wrap
  • LCD monitor mounts
  • Adjustable table tops
  • Curved or straight header panel graphics
  • Stand alone trade show booth exhibit towers

You are only limited by your imagination. A Big Printing Las Vegas booth design truss systems can include wide open floor space, private areas or a simple back wall. You can add truss system options or keep it simple with large image areas. It all depends on your trade show goals and budget. For larger truss systems, view our online larger 20×20 exhibit booth truss system catalog by clicking here to find an orbital truss kit that best meets your end use or design your own today.

Custom Trade show display modular truss system
Custom Trade show display modular truss system

Why are Custom Exhibit Booth kits easy to set up?

Remember when you use to use play with Lego’s, Lincoln logs or an erector set? (assuming your older). These exhibit designs set up in almost the same way. You simply use easy to snap together truss connectors and junction boxes.

A Big Printing Las Vegas truss system exhibit display will utilize:

  • 24″ truss lengths
  • 36″ truss sections
  • 46″ truss length
  • 45″ curved truss
  • 90″ curved truss section
  • 45-degree bends
  • 90-degree bends
  • 6 ways square junction boxes
  • Truss connectors
  • Simple quick lock connectors
  • Shelving sizes and mounts
  • 1 hex wrench

Are you starting to see how easy a custom exhibits can be designed or set-up? Choose between easy to attach dye sub fabric or rollable PVC for your truss panel graphics. As you view these sample photos on this page of existing truss system kits you can see the many creative types of trade show booths that are already designed in kit form and ready to go. You simply choose printing panel type and we do the rest. Big Printing Las Vegas will provide booth panel design templates depending on the truss kit you choose.

A big advantage is, Big Printing Las Vegas is located in Las Vegas, Nevada. We are 10 minutes away from the Las Vegas Convention Center and all major event and trade show venues in Southern Nevada. Imagine what you can save in freight and shipping cost? Do you have a Truss Price Budget for your Custom Exhibit Booth? Let us assume you view our collection of show booth layout kits but you want a custom exhibit booth kit design. Notice how you can create inset areas within your custom exhibit area for a more personable approach when meeting new prospects

Now let us assume you have a set truss price budget in mind for exhibit display booth. Imagine sketching out the floor space exhibit booth design that you want to see. Just provide Big Printing Las Vegas trade show display experts with your rough sketch and we will provide booth ideas based upon your goals, design, and budget.

When looking for a favorable truss price, these factors will increase your booth cost:

  • Choosing LED lighting verses halogen
  • Adding over head canopies
  • Number of booth shelves
  • Adding separate stand alone booth towers
  • Requesting internal lighting
  • Amount of add options

This versatile truss system design offers LCD monitor mounts, literature shelving, and large graphic panel displays. The main point here is, Big Printing Las Vegas already provides over 45 different types of existing custom exhibit booth truss kits. These show booth exhibits are designed for 10×10 to 20×20 booth areas. Many of these are under 10′ tall and can be set up and broken down by your own staff. This definitely cuts your exhibit and trade show booth marketing cost.

In comparison, some companies and corporations spend hundreds of thousands, if not millions on trade show booth exhibit systems. You can get the same kind of inviting excitement that attracts attendees to your booth space like the big name brands do with a professional looking truss system kit. “Sure beats spending a few hundred thousand dollars on a trade show booth that looks similar, doesn’t it“?

Big name brands also utilize these truss system booth kits. Use the radius sectional booth truss pieces to create a simple concave look. To find out more info on how Big Printing Las Vegas can help you with your next Las Vegas trade show then contact us today at (702) 823-5004. Most custom exhibit booths can be ready for pick-up or delivery from our 80,000 sq ft Las Vegas trade show display facility within 7-10 working days.

If you would like to see some of these portable custom exhibit booths then contact Big Printing Las Vegas today for a scheduled tour. We are here to help you stand out at your next trade show, convention or event. We will help you save money and have fun doing so. Contact Big Printing Las Vegas today at (702) 823-5004 or use the contact form at the top of the page. This overhead canopy truss system is sure to set you apart from the pack! Being in Las Vegas will save you freight and shipping cost but we do ship nationally.

Just make sure to always plan in advance. We are excited to offer easy to assemble custom exhibit kits. If you want to look like a major player at your next trade show event then consider a custom exhibit truss system from Big Printing Las Vegas today.
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Custom Trade show display modular truss system





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