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Did you know a hanging sign draws traffic to your booth?

Did you know there is a hanging sign solution for every trade show marketing budget, large or small? Imagine the added appeal a hanging sign structure presents. Ask yourself, how would this pinwheel shape look if this was hanging over your companies booth space. Image this branded to your exact specifications. Most hanging fabric signs are visible from all directions. A hanging display over your booth area will make you easier to find. Being easy to find while presenting a professional image will draw in traffic.

What shapes do exhibit booth hanging fabric signs come in?

A formulated pillowcase zipper tension fabric hanging sign shape can be:

  • Simple double sided curve
  • S Curve
  • Double side rectangle panel
  • Disc shape
  • 360 Cone
  • Square funnel
  • Round funnel
  • Three sided pyramid
  • Four sided pyramid
  • Bowing football shape
  • Rectangle

More Shapes include:

  • Pinwheel
  • Convex three sided structure
  • Concave four sided display
  • Tapered three sided frame
  • Triangle three sided simple
  • Simple four sided square
  • Tapered four sided square
  • Tapered ring
  • Standard ring
  • Custom on request!
Dye sub stretch tension fabric hanging sign



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Trade Show Graphics Hanging sign dye sub fabric

What sizes do hanging trade show booth fabric signs come in?

Sizes of dye sub fabric hanging signs start at 6′ widths by 3′ heights for simple double sided shapes like the:

  • Panel
  • S Curve
  • Curve

These simple double sided fabric signs are the most economical and will be delivered to you turnkey. Turnkey means you get the formulated frame, simple or complex dye sub design on a pillowcase zipper tension fabric slip over cover, cable and hanging hardware and a hard shell carrying case is available.

While round and tapered round trade show booth tension fabric hanging signs come in larger sizes like:

  • 8′ Diameter by 3′ height circles
  • 10.9′ Dia by 4′ h
  • 12′ Dia x 4′ h
  • 16′ Dia x 4′ h
  • 18′ Dia x 4′ h
  • 20′ Dia x 4′ h

The best part of these hanging exhibit booth ID signs is they come in hard shell cases ready to assemble!

The Square, Triangle and Funnel shapes come in larger heights like:

  • 6′ w x 3′ h small square
  • 8′ w x 3′ h square
  • 8’10” x 4′ h larger height
  • 12′ w x 4; h
  • 14′ w x 4′
  • 16′ w x 4′ or 5′ h
  • 18′ w x 4′ or 5′ h
  • 20′ w x 4′ or 5′ h
  • 10′ l x 8 w x 4′ h rectangles
  • 16′ l x 14′ w x 5′ h tapered
  • 20′ l x 10′ w x 5′ h huge rectangles

Call (702) 823-5004 for all sizes Many of these hanging signs can be viewed on the Big Printing Las Vegas more online hanging sign catalog options by clicking here. Want more options for hanging exhibit booth signs? Your trade show exhibit booth space location will determine the best hanging exhibit booth sign type and style. If your on an island then go with a large 20′ four-sided rectangle or tapered rectangle for maximum visibility. If you’re positioned along a back wall, keep your budget low by utilizing a simple triangle or single side panel hanging fabric sign.

A few hanging sign ideas options are:

  • Make us of different colors for interior like the photo depicts
  • Use a single sided print on the panel, curved and S-curved when along a back wall to cut cost
  • Be the talk of the show by stacking different size squares or circles
  • Add lighting features
  • Go all out and use a rotating circle

Want to go smaller? This three sided triangle trade show sign starts at 6′ widths and up

These hanging booth branding ID signs come in set sizes which are designed to be:

  • Portable in hard shell cases.
  • Easy to assemble with snap in spigots and buttons
  • Power stretch zipper fabric with liner
  • Dye sublimation to precise imagery
  • Lightweight aluminum frames
  • Hung from included cable hardware to center point

You can also contact Big Printing Las Vegas at (702) 823-5004 for more information or click on the simple ‘Request A Quote’ form in the bottom of the page today. Best of all Big Printing Las Vegas provides complete turnkey hanging sign solutions from our 100,000 square foot Las Vegas display facility. Being only a 5 minute drive from the Las Vegas Convention Center and every major Las Vegas exhibit hall and event venue in Southern Nevada makes Big Printing Las Vegas easily accessible if you want to perform a final inspection of your hanging sign before it is packed up for delivery or pick-up locally in Las Vegas or shipped anywhere in the entire United States in less than 8 days. Yes, faster turn around times OK, but please plan in advance! Big Printing Las Vegas looks forward to helping you make your brand pop at your next trade show event with hanging exhibitor display signs today.

Trade Show Graphics Hanging sign dye sub fabric





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