Stretch Fabric 2D Booth Display


Want to add a dimensional look with a Stretch Fabric 2D Booth Display system?

These 2D stretch fabric trade show display systems will provide an added dimension to your exhibit booth display. Did you know dimensional 2D fabric stretch booth displays attract attention?

These stretch fabric 2D trade show booth displays can be:

  • A perfect solution for an In-Line booth
  • Scaled side by side from 8 to 20 plus feet
  • Customized with an add-on monitor stand
  • Mixed and matched to create amazing visuals
  • Easy to set up and take down
  • Ideal for shipping
  • Did you know these displays are stock items and can be turned within 4 to 5 working days?

Want more information right now on a 2D stretch fabric exhibit booth systems? Then contact Big Printing Las Vegas today at (702) 823-5004. You may also use the ‘Request A Quote’ button at the bottom of this page to request a quote.

Some of the benefits a 2D Stretch Fabric Exhibit Display Booth are:

  • Lightweight
  • Easy to ship
  • Easy to set up
  • Amazing image quality
  • Stretch Fabric is wrinkle free
  • Available with accessories like LED lighting
  • Finish sewn as bag graphics for easy change out
  • Being light weight helps because in the trade show, convention and exhibit business weight effects shipping cost and handling labor.

For example, a typical stretch fabric 2D booth system fitting an 8×8 or 10×10 booth area only weighs about 110 lbs. The 110 lbs include easy to ship molded OCL cases that fit all components.

Normally a stretch fabric display linear display wall is broken down to fit into 2 OCL hard shell cases which mean each section of the complete system ships at approximately 60lbs each. This type of shipping is helpful because the units or 2D stretch fabric displays are designed to break down and fit within normal sized shipping cases that do not exceed certain heights, widths, and girth that would normally quadruple your ship in cost. Using OCL cases cuts shipping cost. Plus the power stretch fabric is wrinkle free when slipped over the 2D Vibe frames.

Dye Sub fabric pillowcase stretch graphic back wall with literature rack
Dye Sub fabric pillowcase stretch graphic back wall with monitor mounts

Why is true dye sublimation important?

Simple, your stretch fabric prints are cured at 425 degrees. This heat blast the ink pigment right into the stretch fabric itself.

True dye sub means:

  • Your image will not fade or run
  • The fabric can be washed or steamed
  • Dye sub produces stunning vivid imagery
  • Your image or print will be spectacular
  • How can your stretch fabric image be spectacular?

Simple, we tell many customers and clients that “we can dye sub different color human hair strands blowing in the wind” if you provide use high-resolution art. Now, who does that? We do. Therefore, we are only limited to your graphic design imagination and capabilities. Looking for a logo or brand color matching on your stretch fabric?

If you are looking for color matching for:

  • Brand matching colors
  • Precise logo color
  • Element color matching
  • Blends and shading
  • Background subtle off colors
  • Theme colors

Then simply provide Big Printing Las Vegas with the exact PMS color call out(s) with your design and art and we will match it to the stretch fabric 2D prints. These 2D stretch fabric prints are better known as the pillow sipper bag graphics that slide over the Vibe 2D frame systems and zip right up. Depending on the dimensional inline exhibit or trade show display system you chose, Big Printing Las Vegas will provide you with actual stretch fabric design templates. Your designer simply inlays your graphics into the templates and uploads them to our art server. When stretch fabric expo designs are uploaded your graphic design simply provides the color call out(s) with the design and Big Printing Las Vegas takes it from there. It’s that easy.

You will always receive an online proof prior to production of your stretch fabric 2D display system. It’s during this stage that we check your design(s) at full size and make sure everything looks OK to dye sub. Big Printing Las Vegas also provides the PMS color call out(s) in the design proofs. After you approve the final design your power stretch fabric 2D display hits production and is ready to ship anywhere in the USA within 4 working days. Yes, faster turnaround is available but it’s always better to plan in advance. Want to stand out in a crowd today with dimensional 2D stretch fabric booth systems? Add a free standing monitor mount to truly showcase your stretch fabric exhibit booth display wall system.

It’s true, the Vibe 2D Stretch Fabric trade show and exhibit display booth systems will provide your stand alone or in line booth area with a stunning new look that is sure to attract attention. They’re also a great investment, as they are two systems in one and can easily display new graphics should you decide to swap your old ones out.

If you want to stand out in the crowd at your next event, trade show, convention or exhibit whether in Las Vegas, Chicago, San Francisco, LA, NY, Florida, Colorado, Arizona or even Alaska then contact Big Printing Las Vegas today at (702) 823-5004. We deliver locally from the Chicago or Las Vegas production facility or ship Nationwide anywhere in the United States within 4 days. For complete spec’s, design templates and more info on these Stretch Fabric 2D booth display systems, contact Big Printing Las Vegas today at (702) 823-5004 or use the Get Quote form on the bottom of the page and send us your request. We have the right solution for your next event, exhibit, convention or trade show. Contact Big Printing Las Vegas today at (702) 823-5004.

Dye Sub fabric pillowcase stretch graphic back wall with LED light





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