Table Throws


Dye Sub Custom Print Table Throws

Are you looking for Table Throws for your next trade show event, business convention or craft fair?

Want a variety of table throw options to choose from to fit within your budget?

The cost of trade show table throws and covers are ranked below, from lowest price to highest:

  • Plain table throw
  • Plain table throw with a dye sub runner
  • Thermal imprinted 1 or 2-color front panel
  • Premium dye sub trade show table cover
  • Standard fitted table cloth throw with zipper back
  • Elastic stretch tension fabric custom table cloths

Depending on the size of your standard 30″ tall 4′, 6′ or 8′ trade show table your cost will vary. If you already understand the difference between table throw types and styles and you’re looking for some assistance then visit our display store on right, contact Big Printing Las Vegas or use the ‘Request A Quote’ button at the bottom of the page right now. If you want to learn the of different types of table throws then read on.

Table throw styles and sizes defined.

Keep in mind, while reading about different styles, that each table throw style and runner can come with an open back option to save you money. These are called economy table throws. Imagine an open back where your chairs slide right in without a full drape over. Some trade show, event, convention and craft fair attendees like a full back so they can place their marketing materials, trade show supplies, brochure boxes and even purses under the fully drape premium version of a table throw so it’s out of site and or does not distract from the booth or exhibit area.

A plain throw is exactly what it means. It’s like draping a full-length tablecloth over your trade show or event table. These are usually a plain color with no logo or graphic design. A plain table cover simply covers your 4′ 6′ or 8′ booth table. This is the lowest cost option. A table runner or runner is simply a long section of printed or dye sub cloth, polyester, satin or silk with a printed logo or message panel on the front of the runner that drapes across the middle of your event booth or assigned area table. Table runners usually come in 24″, 30″ or 60″ widths and are approximately 84″ tall. These sizes allow you to drape the runner over the 30″ tall front of the table, across the table top and down the 30″ back side. This is another low-cost way to theme or brand your trade show table without the expense of a full dye sub table throw.

Dye Sublimated Table Throw



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Fitted Table Throw

Thermal Imprinted table throws are exactly what the name defines. A typical polyester table throw is imprinted with a very simple company logo or slogan on the front panel while the table throw covers your entire table with or without a full drape back option. The thermal imprints are typically limited to 1 or 2 colors and you are limited to a predefined set of polyester material background colors. This is a still considered a low to medium priced table throw option.

Premium dye sub-table throw covers are becoming more popular due to advances in dye sublimation processes. A dye sub-table throw allows you to print full-color images covering the entire throw area with a special area along the front panel to display your logo, brand or image in vibrant color. This is the most recommended type of table throw to order because it is medium priced and can really set off your booth or exhibit areas entrance with eye-catching visual dynamics.

Standard fitted is one step down from the elastic type of throw. A standard fitted if a full coverage custom sewed table throw that cuts or leans the fabric print toward the table legs. The fitted come with a zipper back and are great for use in heavy foot traffic exhibit areas and trade show booths because they are fitted to the table and not draped where it can be stepped on or dragged off. Fitted table throws tend to come in 2 standard sizes for the typical 6′ or 8′ trade show booth 30″ tall tables.

The Elastic or full stretch tension fabric table throw is the highest priced of all table covers. It is designed to stretch over the entire table and fit like a glove. You dye sub image panel on the front displays your exhibit, theme, brand, logo or event message perfectly while the entire elastic table throw can be dye-sub branded to any theme or image. full stretch trade show table throws mainly come in the typical 6′ or 8′ table width sizes only, however, these elastic throws make for a very elegant rich looking theme appearance.

Dye Sub Custom Print Table Throws

As you can see, there is a table throw for every budget, event, convention, trade show, exhibit or simple craft fair. If you’re looking for a table throw cover to meet your budget then contact Big Printing Las Vegas today at (702) 823-5004, use the ‘Request A Quote’ button below.

We are here to help, standard turnaround time is 3 to 4 days from approved art. Big Printing Las Vegas of Southern Nevada is used to meeting last minute deadlines, however, rush charges can apply for next day service. Big Printing Las Vegas ships to all Cities in the United States from here in Las Vegas to San Diego, Phoenix, Chicago, New York, N Carolina, Miami, Orlando, Dallas, Denver and even Alaska and Hawaii. Simply contact us today at (702) 823-5004 or use the ‘Request A Quote’ button below.





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