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Looking for a formulated portable linear Tension Fabric trade show display system?

Have you ever thought of using a simple formulated tension fabric booth idea? A portable display system without the hassle of a complicated booth set up? Want your trade show, exhibit or convention display to look professional? Then view our newly revised online formulated tension fabric booth systems here. Imagine how a simple concave 8 or 10-foot booth system will look after you slide your pillowcase zipper tension fabric graphics over the frame. Even large 20-foot seamless options for larger trade show booth space?

Did you know tension fabric booth displays:

  • Are portable
  • Come in hard shell cases
  • Are easy to set up
  • Come with add-on options
  • Dye sublimated to precise specifications
  • Lifetime frame warranty
  • Produce a seamless and taut wrinkle free presentation
  • Are simple to zip up once you stretch fabric over the frame
  • Are great low-cost option

Tension fabric is appealing because the tension pulls out all the kinks and wrinkles. Unlike our pop-up display that has an exposed back framing system, these tension fabric displays pull over the pop-up display frame and fit like a glove. They are thin and sleek and priced to meet your trade show budget. Big Printing Las Vegas provides a wide variety of shapes, styles, sizes and features from which you can choose.

You can visit our creative 20×10 online formulated display catalog here or call us at (702) 823-5004 in Las Vegas today for free expert advice or scroll down and see how these tension fabric display systems come together, set up and get some ideas on what can work best for your next big event, trade show or exhibit.

How do you set up a tension fabric display? First of all, portable tension fabric display comes in easy to transport hard shell carrying case(s). Does it get much easier? That’s right. You simply roll your carrying case in, pop the top and start attaching the easy to join sections. Each tension fabric system comes with easy to follow directions. Or ask us for a video link which shows how easy these portable booth walls can be assembled. Once your linear booth wall framing is set up all you do is pull the tension fabric over the frame and zip it up! Sort of like a pillow zipper. The fabric slides over the frame and provides the tension. Each type or style comes with a design template to make your life easier. You simply have your art department lay your graphics into the tension fabric template.

Stretch dye sub tension fabric tunnel
Dye sub stretch tension fabric hanging sign

Big Printing Las Vegas will then do the rest. We will dye sub print your imagery, shades, and colors to your specifications. If you have PMS color call out(s) you want to match? Just ask. All dye sub material substrates are color registered so you get the match your looking for.

Looking for tension fabric display options and add on?

Big Printing Las Vegas offers add-on options for each type of tension fabric display systems.

Imagine what you can do with options like:

  • Add on header panels
  • Attachable literature racks
  • Add on counter tops
  • Adjustable shelves
  • LCD Monitor mounts
  • LED versus Halogen lighting clip on
  • Double Sided graphics
  • Straight, curved, concave or serpentine looks
  • With add-on options and accessories, you can turn a simple tension fabric display systems into fully functional exhibit spaces.

The best part is you can always mix and match add-on options for any given show or event. Once you have a tension fabric linear booth system you can order a new fabric pillow zipper graphic depending on your show or theme, or even add a lit rack and lighting. Replacement dye sub pull over graphics save you money from buying new convention displays, trade show, event and exhibit wall systems for next month or years show.

It’s all up to you. Go with curved or serpentine wall versus a straight wall to give it some more character. It can depend on your trade show marketing budget. The best thing to do is start by visiting the Tension fabric formulate Towers and Funnels Big Printing Las Vegas online catalog then calling us at (702) 823-5004. We want to help you make your show a success. We want to provide booth ideas that work for you. Imagine if you ordered a simple curved 8-foot tension fabric booth back wall with a standoff literature rack? Then added a nice dye sub fitted table throw and possibly a podium or kiosk? You can get all this for less than what you paid for your booth space! Assuming you’re an exhibitor at a typical trade show venue.

From an industry viewpoint, they say that a typical trade show marketing budget for a booth space is about 4 times space cost. With linear tension fabric formulated displays your cost come in at about a 1 to 1 ratio! If your marketing a small local event you can always go with a simple hop up fabric display, a table runner or jumbo banner stand. No matter what type of event, exhibit or convention you are attending it’s best to contact Big Printing Las Vegas at (702) 823-5004 and ask the experts for options.

Other uses for tension fabric displays include table top systems. Be creative, add a table top tension fabric display system with LED mount add-on, or keep it simple with a straight or curved linear tension fabric table top display.

If you have questions? or want to learn more about tension fabric displays then contact Big Printing Las Vegas today at (702) 823-5004. All fabric displays are in stock, produced, printed and set up in an 100,000 sq ft facility in Las Vegas. Being within 10 minutes of every major trade show and event venue in Southern Nevada allows you time to view your tension fabric display before a major exhibit or before a show.

Having your tension fabric display produced and printed in Las Vegas saves you even more money. You save on freight, shipping, and storage. If your next show is in Orlando? Chicago? Denver, California or NY we can easily print and finish replacement tension fabric covers and ship nationwide in under 4 days. Which leads us to the last question? How long does it take to produce a linear tension fabric display? Normally, you can expect your tension fabric system to be ready in 4 working days. Larger systems can take up to 6-10 working days but if you planned in advance this will not be a problem. NOTE, of course, we can turn a tension fabric display in 24 hours but do you really want to pay a rush charge? Contact Big Printing Las Vegas at (702) 823-5004 for easy trade show display solutions like linear tension fabric wall today.

Dye Sub fabric pillowcase stretch graphic back wall with LED light





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