Are you curious?

Want to see videos of how Big Printing is produced?

Then check out these big time printing systems?

Here’s the EFI VuTek GS3200 flat bed printer from ISA Show in Orlando last April 2011.

This bad boy, as we call it, will:

  • Print up to 50 4 x 8 foot boards in under 1 hour
  • Produce multiple prints simultaneously
  • Hit precise registration on doubled sided prints
Check out the Video and see how modern Large Format Printing has evolved.

Courtesy of EFI VuTek

Want to see the many end uses that big printers offer?

Here are a few more videos of EFI VuTek line of really amazing printers that will:

  • Print up to 1080 dpi
  • Include 6 colors and white for brilliant color presentation
  • Provide clients with stunning imagery

Courtesy of Global Imaging, a leader in system distribution

Want to see a huge large format roll to roll printer that is 16 foot long?

Another bad boy except this Durst Printer will:

  • Print up to 4,000 sq foot an hour
  • Run multiple jobs on one pass
  • Provide beautiful prints for maximum brand presentation

Compliments of the Durst brand of printers videos, this is the Durst RHO 500R