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Do you want to create a special scene or theme with murals for walls?

Did you know Big Printing Las Vegas prints custom wallpaper on a per job basis because:

  • Digital wallpaper theme print mural textured finished, medical lobby
  • Each wall mural size is different
  • You choose between removable wallpaper versus permanent
  • You decide whether to add a photo mural verses utilize our mural artist
  • Finishes vary from smooth to heavy textured wallpaper
  • Everyone has a different taste or end use
  • Your custom murals for walls are affordable

If you prefer large wall art, wall decals quotes, vinyl wall quotes or self-adhesive wallpaper solutions right now you may simply click on the ‘Request A Quote’ button at the bottom, and tell Big Printing Las Vegas what you’re looking for. We will respond shortly.

Did you know mural wallpaper is great for:

  • Creating a special atmosphere
  • Adding to a room’s decor
  • In-store branding
  • Making a foyer relaxing
  • Making your Business lobby inviting
  • Offices, hallways, and boardroom settings
  • Medical and dental waiting and exam rooms
  • Interior of restaurants and retail wall decor
  • Temporary trade show wall coverings
  • Your personal room or nursery
  • Other unique wall decorating ideas

At Big Printing Las Vegas there is no limit to the size or end use of your custom wall murals. Let your imagination guide us in creating the exact look and feel of what you want your wallpaper mural to be. We will make it happen for you.

Some ideas for wall murals include:

  • Photo murals
  • Nursery murals
  • Murals for kids
  • Bedroom wallpaper
  • Professional business themes
  • Kitchen wallpaper
  • Theme room murals
  • Brick wallpaper
  • Retro wallpaper
  • Game room wallpaper
  • Old school black and white wallpaper
  • Paisley wallpaper

Some custom wallpaper murals themes ideas include:

  • Waterfalls
  • Forest scenes
  • Cityscape
  • Skyline
  • Sunset
  • Beach
  • Underwater
  • Ocean
  • Sports
  • Garden
  • Tropical
  • Jungle
  • Space
  • Scenic
  • Landscape
  • Corporate, business, retail story telling

Once again, it’s your imagination that determines the look and feel of your unique wallpaper. Big Printing Las Vegas prints jumbo murals and large wall art to your specifications. From local to national shipping, we want to help you get the exact custom wallpaper mural you’re looking for.

Some examples of wallpaper mural use:

Imagine you’re a kids dentist or doctor? You have the option to create a warm and inviting children’s theme within your offices, lobby or exam rooms. Imagine you’re a homeowner with a game room and you want to add a retro amusement park theme to your background wall or your roller coaster junkie who wants a screaming coaster to appear as if its coming right at you on a wall in your room. You own a restaurant, auto dealership, fast food franchise, retail store or business and you want to create a spectacular entry, that brands your products and creates a focal point or theme.

Do you create the setting of old world Italy for your Italian restaurant on the walls? Do you line up the new model vehicle roaring down the road or hitting a hairpin corner? Do you add a giant mouth watering burger on a wall? You create the atmosphere of your business whether elegant or racy, it’s your choice.

Wall mural printing use may be short term ( replace with new models every 6 months …) or long term depending on the theme and marketing you wish to achieve. The best value is you get to choose exactly what you want! Are there doors or windows on the wall? No problem. Big Printing Las Vegas prints custom door murals and window murals. Just provide us with a photo of the wall and our mural artist will go to work creating a seamless transition that will overcome window and door obstacles to complete your rooms mural to your satisfaction.

Once a design is approved, we take exact measurements to ensure you get the exact look and feel you desire. You may also request printed ceiling murals as an added solution to complete not just one wall but an entire room, hallway or entry. To get a quote right now click on the ‘Request A Quote’ button at the bottom and get the custom murals you want today.

All murals for walls are:

  • Printed on high-end resolution systems
  • Are custom sized for any size wall
  • Look real
  • Are fire rated to code

Contact us today at (702) 823-5004 and start turning your room into a spacious retreat or the desired theme of your choice. Use the Quote form at the bottom of the page.





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