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Do you want your wooden signs to:

  • Attract attention
  • Present breathtaking images
  • Maintain color consistency
  • Be sturdy
  • Look good

Did you know with today’s printing technology wooden signs can be printed directly on flatbed printers?

Why is flatbed printing on wooden signs important?

  • It allows you to add architectural renderings
  • You may mass produce large Real Estate signs
  • Create custom directional signage
  • Make on of a kind construction site signs
  • Eliminates old school vinyl lettering for about the same sign price

The image does matter when your wooden sign face is being presented to the public daily. After all, who wants to see bending warping plywood with unsightly lines? Big Printing Las Vegas prints your wood signage on medex and other smooth wood board products. Printing on smooth Medex boards and MDO material provides for maximum presentation.

Wooden sign printing for outdoor signs have many uses:

  • Home builders onsite informational signs
  • Developer offsite directional signage
  • Apartment community advertising signs
  • Temporary construction signs
  • Commercial Real Estate for sale sign
  • Commercial now leasing signage
  • Master plan community coming soon sign
  • Temporary entry way signage
  • Community amenity and signs
  • Development coming soon signs

If you’re looking for custom wooden sign printing then contact Big Printing Las Vegas today at (702) 823-5004. Use the ‘Request A Quote’ button at the bottom and we will respond shortly.

Important information regarding print and sign codes:

Note: Every City or Jurisdiction sign codes are not the same. Each City, township or County will have a different set of sign codes to follow and abide by. For example. On the Las Vegas Strip, a sign may tower 300 feet above the skylight whereas in Boulder Colorado your maximum height is 4 feet! The same holds true for offsite, onsite and outdoor wooden signs. Some sign codes allow for sizes up to 12′ by 24′ onsite including no permitting for signs smaller than 16 or 48 square feet. Other sign codes grant offsite directional signage including large onsite informational signs whereas others do not.

It’s always good to talk to an expert like Big Printing Solutions before making a decision to purchase and install outdoor signs. You may find that your City allows a set sign size but a certain community, HOA or property management group may have their own set of rules too. Either way, check with an expert and allow us to do our job so you get the maximum use for your wooden signs today. It’s also important to note that each jurisdiction allows for Special Use permits and Variances. This means if your sign is not feasible to meet a 25-foot setback or is not spaced within the proper spacing from another sign you may always file for a Variance. NOTE, doing so is no guarantee you will be approved but it’s worth the effort because outdoor signs generate results.

Contact Big Printing Las Vegas and allow us the opportunity to provide you with an amazing looking wood sign today! Click on ‘ Request A Quote ‘ now. Please remember, some jurisdictions have different soil types. In Colorado and California, the soil is dirt and easy to dig whereas in Las Vegas the ground is as hard as bedrock and this will affect the cost of your sign installation. And let’s not forget to use ‘ Call before you dig ‘ before breaking ground anywhere. The liability and or potential harm that could be caused by hitting gas lines, water lines or fiber optics is not worth the risk. Work with a professional, work with Big Printing Las Vegas today! We will print single wooden sign faces for a pole sign, multiple signs for commercial Real Estate to very large onsite coming sign faces.

Wood signs may be printed:

  • Single sided
  • Double sided
  • V-Shaped
  • Custom cut to your specs
  • All sizes to code

Contact Big Printing Las Vegas by phone or use the quote form button below. Let the experts make it happen right now!





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